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Word TypeVerb
Word Definitionexpel someone from a property
Hindi Meaning of Evictबेदखल करना, अधिकारहीन करना, बहार निकाल देना, निष्कासित करना, फेंकना
Synonyms of EvictDismiss, Expel, Oust
Antonyms of EvictAdmit, Include, Welcome

Use of "Evict" word in sentences, examples

  • Members of the Russian community and its Pushkin Society call the decision to evict them from Korolenko Street 1a in Lviv politically motivated.
  • Outgoing ministers in Ghana could be forcibly evicted from their official residences if they fail to move out in time, under new laws.
  • COUNCIL bosses who handed a family from hell a £135,000 home are now spending thousands more trying to evict them.
  • The landlord tried to evict the Gildays, accusing them of violating the "good behaviour" provisions of the Residential Tenancies Act. 
  • Police, the State Government and Sheriff's Office today executed warrants to evictsquatters from the property in Bendigo St, Collingwood.

Evict FAQs:

The Hindi meaning of Evict is, बेदखल करना, अधिकारहीन करना, बहार निकाल देना, निष्कासित करना, फेंकना.

Similar words for Evict are Dismiss, Expel, Oust.

The Definition of Evict is expel someone from a property.

Admit, Include, Welcome, are antonyms of the Evict word.

Evict is a Verb word.

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