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Word TypeVerb
Word Definitionmake a problem
Hindi Meaning of Exacerbateतेज़ केन, बढ़ाना, बिगाड़ देना, कटु बनाना, उत्तेजित करना, भड़काना, उकसाना
Synonyms of ExacerbateAnnoy, Embitter, Enrage
Antonyms of ExacerbateCalm, Comfort, Soothe

Use of "Exacerbate" word in sentences, examples

  • Questionable reporting practices exacerbate driver shortage
  • As female donors start to have a wider range between donations, it's going to exacerbate the challenge even more.
  • “This is going to exacerbate the talent gap.”
  • The features of the ECB's bond-purchase program exacerbate this problem. 
  • “Climate change is real, and is exacerbated by human activity.”

Similar words of "Exacerbate"

Assuageबुझाना, काम करना, शांत करना, मंद करना, हल्का करना, ठंडा करना, संतुष्ट करना, धीमा करना

Exacerbate FAQs:

The Hindi meaning of Exacerbate is, तेज़ केन, बढ़ाना, बिगाड़ देना, कटु बनाना, उत्तेजित करना, भड़काना, उकसाना.

Similar words for Exacerbate are Annoy, Embitter, Enrage.

The Definition of Exacerbate is make a problem.

Calm, Comfort, Soothe, are antonyms of the Exacerbate word.

Exacerbate is a Verb word.

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