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Word TypeAdjective
Word Definitionserving as a desirable model
Hindi Meaning of Exemplaryअच्छा, अनुकरणीय, आदर्श, कठोर, द्रष्टान्त योग्य, प्रतिदर्श, उदाहरण योग्य, नमूना
Synonyms of ExemplaryAdmirable, Commendable, Worthy
Antonyms of ExemplaryContemptible, Repugnant, Loathsome

Use of "Exemplary" word in sentences, examples

  • The demographic shifts are simply creating demand for exemplary leadership that exceeds supply. 
  • David McKenzie has made eight previous features, most of them in his native Scotland. His work here is exemplary.
  • It is comforting to observe this work moving ahead at an exemplary level.
  • Simple wedding campaign makes impact: Siasat employee performs exemplarymarriage of daughter.
  • New Hartford is being honored in the “exemplary high performing school” category. 

Similar words of "Exemplary"

Idealआदर्श, उपयुक्त, कल्पित, काल्पनिक, मान्य, मानसिक ख्याली, आदर्शस्वरूप

Exemplary FAQs:

The Hindi meaning of Exemplary is, अच्छा, अनुकरणीय, आदर्श, कठोर, द्रष्टान्त योग्य, प्रतिदर्श, उदाहरण योग्य, नमूना.

Similar words for Exemplary are Admirable, Commendable, Worthy.

The Definition of Exemplary is serving as a desirable model.

Contemptible, Repugnant, Loathsome, are antonyms of the Exemplary word.

Exemplary is a Adjective word.

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