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Word TypeAdjective
Word Definitiondone with speed and efficiency.
Hindi Meaning of Expeditiousचुस्त, फुर्तीला, शिग्रगामी, तुरंत, असंयमी, तेज़ चालक, अविचारी, जल्दबाज
Synonyms of ExpeditiousBreakneck, Fast, Rapid
Antonyms of ExpeditiousRetarded, Slow, Sluggish

Use of "Expeditious" word in sentences, examples

  • In politics, what's expeditious in the near term can be detrimental in the long run.
  • Larijani stressed, "One of the reasons for the effectiveness of these punishments is their prompt, expeditious and decisive implementation.
  • County Road 60 is an expeditious route from the Minnesota River bridge linking Sibley and Scott counties to Highway 169. 
  • He called upon the department officials to be available to the people while discharging duty for expeditious settlement of their problems.
  • “A lease option will support more expeditious approvals,” said Clarence Rivette, “thereby getting programs started earlier than once thought.”

Similar words of "Expeditious"

Swiftगिरगिट, शीघ्रगामी, तेज, उतावला, वेगवत, तीव्रगामी, जल्दी

Expeditious FAQs:

The Hindi meaning of Expeditious is, चुस्त, फुर्तीला, शिग्रगामी, तुरंत, असंयमी, तेज़ चालक, अविचारी, जल्दबाज.

Similar words for Expeditious are Breakneck, Fast, Rapid.

The Definition of Expeditious is done with speed and efficiency..

Retarded, Slow, Sluggish, are antonyms of the Expeditious word.

Expeditious is a Adjective word.

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