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Word TypeVerb
Word Definitionobliterate
Hindi Meaning of Expungeकाटना, छीलना, मिटाना, कर लगाना, निकाल देना, खोदना, खुरचना, अलग कर देना
Synonyms of ExpungeCancel, Delete, Efface
Antonyms of ExpungeBuild, Construct, Create

Use of "Expunge" word in sentences, examples

  • This Wednesday, attorneys will teach anyone with an adult or juvenile record the basics of getting it expunged.
  • An informational seminar about how to expunge criminal records was announced at a press conference attended by Sen.
  • Under the law, the certificate will also prompt the state to expunge Maxson's murder conviction. 
  • Amnesty International, Ghana has often entreated the state to take appropriate steps to expunge the death sentence through a referendum.
  • Federal judges rarely expunge arrest records even after someone is acquitted, much less wipe out actual criminal convictions.

Similar words of "Expunge"

Eraseमिटाना, खुरचना, छीलना, दूर करना, निकाल देना, विलोम करना, नष्ट कर देना, भुला देना, हटा देना
Undoखोलना, बिगड़ना, अनकिया करना, नष्ट करना, बर्बाद करना, मिटा देना, भंग करना

Expunge FAQs:

The Hindi meaning of Expunge is, काटना, छीलना, मिटाना, कर लगाना, निकाल देना, खोदना, खुरचना, अलग कर देना.

Similar words for Expunge are Cancel, Delete, Efface.

The Definition of Expunge is obliterate.

Build, Construct, Create, are antonyms of the Expunge word.

Expunge is a Verb word.

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