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Word Typenoun
Word Definitiona light touch or push.
Hindi Meaning of Nudgeकुहनी मारना, कुहनी से इशारा करना, हल्का धक्का देना, कोंचना, कुरेदना, उकसाना
Synonyms of NudgeDig, Jab, Jog
Antonyms of NudgeAid, Gratify, Soothe

Use of "Nudge" word in sentences, examples

  • Wealth Management startup Mymoneysage to nudge your investing
  • Govt to seek review of SC/ST order after nudge from Oppn.
  • The promise is that such small nudges can motivate recipients to get back on track and keep them from dropping out.
  • A Nudge in the Right Direction. By Dominique Cantelme From the January/February 2018 Issue.
  • Migrants nudge Germany to highest birth rate since 1970s Migrants and refugees throng a job fair in Berlin

Similar words of "Nudge"

Jostleमुठभेड़, धक्का धकेल, ठेलना, धकेलना, धक्का देना

Nudge FAQs:

The Hindi meaning of Nudge is, कुहनी मारना, कुहनी से इशारा करना, हल्का धक्का देना, कोंचना, कुरेदना, उकसाना.

Similar words for Nudge are Dig, Jab, Jog.

The Definition of Nudge is a light touch or push..

Aid, Gratify, Soothe, are antonyms of the Nudge word.

Nudge is a noun word.

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