Shri Ekling Ji Temple Quick Facts

PlaceUdaipur District, Rajasthan, (India)
Built inBappa Rawal
Built by8th century
TypeHistorical Hindu temple
GodLord Shiva
DedicatedShri Eklingji Mahadev
Other nameHarihar Mandir and Meera Mandir

Shri Ekling Ji Temple Overview

The Temple of Eklingji is a Hindu Temple. It is located in Udaipur District of Rajasthan. This Temple is located between two hills at a distance of about 18 km from Udaipur district. Temple is dedicated to Lord Shiva, but in this temple, he is worshiped in the form of Shri Eklinga Mahadev. Shri Ekling Mahadev was considered by the Maharanas of Mewar as a ruling deity of the princely state of Mewar and all the Kings of Mewar ruled as their representatives. That is why the Maharana of Udaipur is called Diwan Ji.

Shri Ekling Ji Temple History

The original Temple of Eklingji temple was built in the 8th century by Bappa Rawal, the ruler of Udaipur district. But later the original temple and the idol were destroyed by the invasions of the rulers of Delhi Sultanate.

After this, in the 14th century, Raja Hamir Singh, the Raja of Rajasthani Mewar and the founder of the Sisodia dynasty, rebuilt it and established the oldest extinct idol, After this, in the 15th century, when Rana Kumbha, the second king of Mewar, was getting the Vishnu temple built, he also rebuilt the Eklingji Temple.

After which a 1460 inscription addressed Rana Kumbha as "Ekling's personal Servant". After this, at the end of the 15th century, Ghiyath Shah of the Malwa Sultanate attacked Mewar and destroyed the temple of Eklingji. Between 1473 AD and 1509 AD, Rana Raimal, the son of Rana Kumbha, defeated him and took him captive.

After which Rana Raimal demanded a ransom for his release, with this ransom the king rebuilt the temple. The last conservation work of this temple was completed by Rana Raimal in which he installed the present idol of the temple. After this the temple came under the control of Ramanandis in the 16th century.

Shri Ekling Ji Temple Interesting Facts

  1. Eklingji Temple is located at a distance of about 24 km from the main city.
  2. This Temple is covered over an area of 2500 square feet and there are 108 temples in the premises of this temple.
  3. The entire credit for the construction of the present temple goes to Mewar Maharana Raimal.
  4. The Four-faced statue of Mahadev made of black marble installed in the temple was established by Maharana Raimal only.
  5. In Front of the southern gate of the temple, in a niche, there is a hymn of 100 verses related to Maharana Raimal.
  6. Apart from the main temple, there are many other temples built inside, in which the Vishnu temple built by Maharana Kumbha remains.
  7. This Temple is also known by the names of Harihar Mandir, Meera Mandir.
  8. Another Temple of Vindhyavasini Devi is also situated below the temple of Eklingji.
  9. A Popular rumor about the temple suggests that Bappa Rawal took over the work of Eklingji's temple as per the teachings given by Guru Nath Harit Rashi, who was the guru of Bappa Rawal.
  10. In the Temple of Eklingji, the ancient monastery of Bappa Rawal's guru and the Mahant of Eklingji's temple, remains even today.
  11. The Idol of Eklingji has faces all around. That is, which means that it is a four-faced linga.
  12. At the entrance between the platform of the temple and the sanctum sanctorum, the present Shri Arvind Mewar ji has put a silver lining on the door.

How to reach Shri Ekling Ji Temple

  • The Nearest Railway Station to Eklingji Temple is Khemli Railway Station and Debari Railway Station.
  • Apart from this, the Nearest road to the temple connects to Udaipur Delwara Road.
  • Apart from this, the Nearest airport to Eklingji Temple is Maharana Pratap Airport, Udaipur and Udaipur Airport.

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