Yogmaya Temple Quick Facts

PlaceMehrauli, New Delhi (India)
Built in1827 AD
Built byLala Sethmal
Architectural styleHindu temple architecture
TypeCultural, Religious Temple

Yogmaya Temple Overview

Yogmaya Temple is one of the oldest and grandest temples in India. This temple is located in the Mehrauli area of New Delhi, the capital of India and the second largest metropolis in the country. This temple is a symbol of the country's culture, architecture, and spirituality of the devotees.

Yogmaya Temple History

The history of this wonderful and ancient temple is not very clear, but its place is mentioned in a Jain religious text composed in the 12th century, in which Mehrauli place is mentioned as Yoginipura. It is believed that this temple was built by the Pandavas after the war of Mahabharata.

Temple is located in Mehrauli which is one of the seven ancient cities that exist even in the present state of Delhi. The present form of Temple was constructed by Lala Sethmal during the reign of Mughal Emperor Akbar II (1806-37).

Yogmaya Temple Interesting Facts

  1. This Grand and famous temple was renovated in the year 1827 by Lala Sethmal, a famous person working in the Mughal court.
  2. This attractive temple is situated at a distance of about 260 yards from the Iron Pillar located in the Qutub complex.
  3. The Temple has an entrance hall and a sacred room, in which a small marble well about 2 feet wide and about 1 foot high is located, in which the goddess Yogamaya, made of black colored stone, is the main idol.
  4. The Sacred room of this temple has a flat ceiling which is covered over an area of ​​about 17 square feet, a small shikhara (Tower) has been built on this Terrace.
  5. A beautiful fan is hanging from the ceiling of the sanctum sanctorum of this temple, from which a chandelier-like object hangs out, this object and the fan were made from the same material, touching the main idol of the goddess located on the ground. live.
  6. The Temple has a walled enclosure with towers in its four corners, which is covered over an area of ​​about 400 square feet.
  7. The First form of this temple was made of red color red stone, which was later converted into marble on the orders of a person named Sud Mal and about 22 pillars were also constructed in the temple complex.
  8. Above the sanctum sanctorum is situated the main shikhara (tower) which is about 42 feet in height and is inlaid with copper.
  9. In this Temple garlands of flowers and sweets offered by the devotees are placed on an 18-inch square marble table which is then dedicated to Mata Yogamaya.
  10. According to famous folklore, when Mirza Jahangir, the son of the Mughal Emperor Akbar II, was taken prisoner by the British from the Red Fort, his mother prayed for her son's freedom in this temple, which was fulfilled.
  11. The local people here believe that this temple has been here for the last 5000 years, which was taken care of by their ancestors, currently, more than 200 people take care of this temple.

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