Names of major birds of India and the world

Bird: Any animal that has wings or can fly is called a bird. In biology, animals of the Avis category are called birds. About 10,000 species of this egg-laying vertebrate live on this earth at this time. Their size can be from 2 inches to 8 feet and they are found everywhere from arctic to antarctic. Birds cross the high mountains by flying. They dive in deep water up to 250 meters. They have been seen flying over such oceans from where the coast is thousands of kilometers away. Their body is covered with feathers. Birds are the most beautiful and attractive creatures among all the creatures.

Some birds cannot fly even after having wings, but most of the birds fly in the sky. Their entire body is boat-shaped and covered with feathers. The body is divided into head, neck, trunk and tail. The forelimbs are modified into fins. The jaws are modified into beaks in which teeth are not found.

List of important birds of India and the world:

Birds Names in English पक्षियों के नाम हिन्दी में
Bat चमगादड़
Chicken चूज़ा मुर्गी
Chicken मुर्गी का बच्चा
Cock मुर्गा
Crane सारस
Crow कौआ
Cuckoo कोयल
Dove कबूतर, फ़ाख्ता
Drake बत्तख (नर)
Duck बत्तख
Duckling बत्तख़ का बच्चा
Eagle ईगल, गरुड़
Feather पंख
Hawk बाज़
Hen मुर्गी
Kite चील
Lark लवा
Magpie अधेला, नीलकंठ
Nightingale बुलबुल
Ostrich शुतुरमुर्ग
Owl उल्लू
Parrot तोता
Partridge तीतर
Peacock मोर
Peahen मोरनी
Pigeon कबूतर
Quail बटेर
Raven काला कौआ
Sparrow गौरैया
Swallow निगलना, अबाबील
Swan हंस
Vulture गिद्ध
Weaver bird बुनकर पक्षी, बया
Wing विंगडैना (पर)
Woodpecker कठफोड़वा

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