Names of ornaments and jewelery in Hindi and English:-

Jewellery: Jewelery is often made from gems, coins or other precious objects and is usually set in precious metals. Jewelry is a popular part of folk culture. Jewelery Day is celebrated on 15 February in many parts of the world. Here the names of ornaments and jewelery are given in both Hindi and English languages.

In various competitive exams, questions are asked on the basis of names of ornaments and ornaments, so this post is very useful for your preparation for all types of competitive exams like:- SSC, Bank, Teacher, TET, CAT, UPSC, and other government exams. is important. Let us know the names of ornaments and jewelery in both Hindi and English language:-

List of different types of ornaments and jewellery:

Ornaments and Jewles names in English गहने व आभूषण के नाम हिन्दी में
Anklet पायजेब
Armlet बाजूबंद
Bangle चूड़ी
Belt पेटी
Bracelet कंगन, कड़ा
Brooch कांटा (साड़ी का)
Cat’s eye लहसुनिया
Chain कड़ी, जंजीर
Chokers कंठी
Clip चिमटी
Coral मूंगा
Diamond हीरा
Ear Ring, Tops कर्णफूल
Ear stud कान की बाली
Emerald पन्ना
Gold सोना
Hairpin बालों का कांटा
Head-locked टीका (मांग)
Jewellery जवाहरात
Medal तमगा
Mother of pearl मोती की सीप
Necklace, Garland माला, हार
Nose-pin कील, लौंग (नाक की)
Nose-ring नथ
Opel पोलकी, दूधिया पत्थर
Pearl मोती
Quartz बिल्लौर
Ring अंगूठी
Ruby मानिक
Sapphire नीलम
Silver चांदी
Tiara, Crown मुकुट
Toe rings अंगूठे का छल्ला
Topaz पुखराज
Turquoise फीरोजा
Wristlet तोड़ा, कंगन, पहुँची
Zircon गोमेदक

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