Greece's parliament approves a law legalizing gay marriage in a historic change. Greece has now become the first majority Orthodox Christian country to establish marriage equality. Many organizations are seeing this decision as a historic victory for human rights in Greece. Voting took place on the law in the Greek Parliament, out of 300 MPs, 176 voted in favor of the proposed law, while 76 MPs were against this law.

Prime Minister's commitment towards equality

Prime Minister's pledge: Prime Minister Kyriakos Mitsotakis reaffirmed his commitment to equality, following his re-election, by vowing to take measures for gay marriage and parental rights. He stressed that these changes were important to maintain equal rights for all citizens and eliminate any form of discrimination.

Key provisions

This new law passed in Greece not only recognizes gay marriage, but also gives full parental rights to same-sex couples. Under this law, such couples have been allowed to adopt a child. Under the new law, parents from this community are allowed to take important decisions for their children and participate fully in their upbringing.

It is likely that this new law will positively impact the daily lives of gay people, enabling them to engage in essential parenting duties such as picking up children from school, traveling with them and attending medical appointments. Will be. This is an important step towards the normalization and acceptance of diverse family structures in Greek society.

  Last update :  17 February 2024
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