Prime Minister Narendra Modi inaugurated Sudarshan Setu, India's longest cable-stayed bridge, which spans about 2.32 kilometers and connects Okha mainland to Bayt Dwarka in Gujarat. Earlier known as 'Signature Bridge', the name of this bridge has been changed to 'Sudarshan Setu'.

About Sudarshan Setu

Sudarshan Setu, earlier known as Signature Bridge, has been constructed at a cost of ₹979 crore. Spanning an impressive 2.32 km, it is India's longest cable-stayed bridge, serving as a vital link between the Okha mainland and Bet Dwarka Island. Prime Minister Modi laid the foundation stone of the project in October 2017, seeing it as an important connection between the old and new Dwarka. There are solar panels on the upper part of the footpath of this bridge which will help in generating one megawatt of electricity. Earlier, people had to depend on boats to reach Dwarkadhish temple in Dwarka. But now with the help of this Sudarshan Bridge, people will be able to reach the temple easily.

Main features of Sudarshan Setu

  • The four-lane bridge has an overall width of 27.2 meters (89 ft), ensuring smooth traffic flow between the mainland and the island.
  • Decorated with verses from the Srimad Bhagavad Gita and images of Lord Krishna, the footpaths on both sides of the bridge provide a unique cultural touch, reflecting the rich heritage of Dwarka.
  • Notably, solar panels installed on sidewalk edges can generate one megawatt of electricity, demonstrating a commitment to sustainable infrastructure.
    With the construction of this bridge, where it used to take 5 hours for people to go to
  • Bet Dwarka by boats, now with the construction of this bridge the travel time has been reduced by 3 hours. Besides, the construction of this bridge will also give a major boost to tourism in the area.
  • Now it has become much easier for people to reach the famous Dwarkadhish temple. This is one of the most fascinating engineering developments of India.

Vision for the future Sudarshan Setu

Sudarshan Setu exemplifies India's vision for inclusive development and progress. As the nation moves towards becoming a global power, such infrastructure projects play a vital role in promoting economic growth, connectivity and cultural preservation.

  Last update :  25 February 2024
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