Hanson Robotics and Polish-run company Diktador have appointed the world's first humanoid robot CEO named Mika. This innovative project aims to blend advanced artificial intelligence and machine learning with the company's unique values. While this development sparks excitement about the potential of AI in leadership roles, it also raises concerns among workers about job security.

Polish rum company Diktador and Hong Kong-based engineering and robotics company, Hanson Robotics, designed Mika with the goal of having a humanoid that fully represents their values. It is also designed to make calculated decisions based on their business goals.

The AI-human-like robots are the result of a collaboration between CEO Mika Dictador and Hong Kong-based engineering and robotics company Hanson Robotics for the development of human-like robots with AI for consumer, entertainment, service, healthcare and more. Known. According to a report from ET, Hanson previously made headlines in 2016 with Sophia, the famous humanoid who once said she would "destroy humans."

Human touch in AI

David Hanson, CEO of Hanson Robotics, emphasizes the importance of "humanizing" AI to ensure safety and effectiveness. Teaching AI to care about people is seen as an important step in bridging the gap between machines and humans. The difference is to create a symbiotic relationship where AI complements human capabilities without completely replacing it.

Public Perspective on Robot Leadership

Mika described himself as better than current CEO Elon Musk and Meta CEO Mark Zuckerberg. Mika also discussed the cage fighting between Mark Zuckerberg and Elon Musk which was supposed to happen a few days ago but could not happen. Mika said that there is no need for cage fighting in MMA style to improve his platform or company. Mika said that she has positive thoughts towards humans and wants AI to be taught to respect humans.

Information about Mika Robot

Mika is a female robot, a more advanced version of her sister wife Sophia, created in 2015 by Hanson Robotics Ltd. 'Sakariya' in Hong Kong. She is the CEO of the world's first human-like robot, appointed head of rum and spirits company Dictador. Mika will be a board member, responsible for the Arthouse Spirits DAO project and communications with the DAO community on behalf of Dictador.

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