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Word TypeVerb
Word Definitionto erase a mark from surface
Hindi Meaning of Effaceमिटाना, नष्ट करना, बर्बाद करना, विनष्ट करना, विनाश करना, स्वंय को तुच्छ समझना, भुला देना
Synonyms of EffaceAnnul, Obliterate, Cancel
Antonyms of EffaceRetain, Validate, Keep

Use of "Efface" word in sentences, examples

  • Marius' enchantment, great as it was, could not efface from.
  • Oh, admirable consoler! He sought not to efface sorrow by forgetfulness, but to magnify and dignify it by hope.
  • And one which will go far to efface the recollection of his father's conduct, added the.
  • You may think what you like, but I desire now to do all I can to efface that impression and to show that I am a man of heart and conscience.
  • No new impressions could efface those which are so deeply cut.

Similar words of "Efface"

Eraseमिटाना, खुरचना, छीलना, दूर करना, निकाल देना, विलोम करना, नष्ट कर देना, भुला देना, हटा देना
Expungeकाटना, छीलना, मिटाना, कर लगाना, निकाल देना, खोदना, खुरचना, अलग कर देना

Efface FAQs:

The Hindi meaning of Efface is, मिटाना, नष्ट करना, बर्बाद करना, विनष्ट करना, विनाश करना, स्वंय को तुच्छ समझना, भुला देना.

Similar words for Efface are Annul, Obliterate, Cancel.

The Definition of Efface is to erase a mark from surface.

Retain, Validate, Keep, are antonyms of the Efface word.

Efface is a Verb word.

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