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Word TypeAdjective
Word Definitionaffected or over-refined
Hindi Meaning of Effeteअशक्त, जीर्ण, क्षीण, भृष्ट,दूषित करना, पतित, क्षयोन्मुख, दुव्यर्सनी, दुराचारी
Synonyms of EffeteDebased, Decadent, Dissipated
Antonyms of EffeteBenevolent, Moral, Tireless

Use of "Effete" word in sentences, examples

  • The American media ridiculed him – for his clothes, his effete mannerisms.
  • I love Bob for snubbing these effete snobs, these "Masters of War." 
  • Unsurprisingly, effete urban liberals were heavily triggered by my praise of Ted Nugent a few weeks back
  • The visitors, well-off effete city types, would be able to shoot 'em up and have sex with them with impunity, “they” being mere androids.
  • Loved that camp coup de grace, the effeteLimey farewell.

Similar words of "Effete"

Lustyकामान्ध, कामुक, खुश, जोरदार, बलदायक, हार्दिक, दिल से, सन्तोषपूर्ण

Effete FAQs:

The Hindi meaning of Effete is, अशक्त, जीर्ण, क्षीण, भृष्ट,दूषित करना, पतित, क्षयोन्मुख, दुव्यर्सनी, दुराचारी.

Similar words for Effete are Debased, Decadent, Dissipated.

The Definition of Effete is affected or over-refined.

Benevolent, Moral, Tireless , are antonyms of the Effete word.

Effete is a Adjective word.

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