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Word TypeAdjective
Word Definitionshining brightly
Hindi Meaning of Effulgentदेदीप्यमान, उज्जवल, उद्दीप्त, तापदीप्त, चमकदार, प्रश्मान, पारभासी, धुतिमान
Synonyms of EffulgentIncandescent, Lucent, Luminous
Antonyms of EffulgentDark, Dim, Unpolished

Use of "Effulgent" word in sentences, examples

  • In the hymn Gopala Vimsati, he sings in ecstasy about the effulgent form of Krishna. 
  • My heart expands/'tis grown a bulge in't/ inspired by/your beauty effulgent. 
  • What he wanted were masterpieces so effulgent that relativity could not exist.
  • The form of Brahmacharini is tremendously effulgent and extremely majestic. 
  • Christie expressed effulgent gratitude to county leadership for giving Waste Pro a second chance.

Effulgent FAQs:

The Hindi meaning of Effulgent is, देदीप्यमान, उज्जवल, उद्दीप्त, तापदीप्त, चमकदार, प्रश्मान, पारभासी, धुतिमान.

Similar words for Effulgent are Incandescent, Lucent, Luminous.

The Definition of Effulgent is shining brightly.

Dark, Dim, Unpolished, are antonyms of the Effulgent word.

Effulgent is a Adjective word.

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