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Word TypeAdjective
Word Definitionwhich understood by very few people
Hindi Meaning of Esotericगुप्त, गुण, गोपनीय, कठिन, गेहं, जटिल, दुरूह, दुर्बोध, छिपा हुआ
Synonyms of EsotericAbstruse, Profound, Deep
Antonyms of EsotericFamiliar, Public, Obvious

Use of "Esoteric" word in sentences, examples

  • Historic and esoteric Halloween
  • "But it's not about Donald Trump" is the verbal initiation into what I call the esotericcase for Trump.
  • We came across this eBay listing for Esoteric Auto Detailing's 2016 Chevrolet Corvette Z06 show car that was once used as a marketing prop.
  • Palm reader Hannah Donegan offered her esoteric services at the party. 
  • Here, the symbology that Langdon does is so absurdly esoteric, and so beside the point, the audience stops following the clues.

Similar words of "Esoteric"

Abstruseगुण, गोपनीय, गंभीर, समय, शांत, संतुलित, मर्यादित
Arcaneगुप्त, रहस्य्मय, गन, अप्रकट, छिपा हुआ, अलक्ष्य, गहन, गंभीर
Reconditeकठिन, गहन, गुप्त, गुण, दुरूह, दुर्बोध, छिपा हुआ

Esoteric FAQs:

The Hindi meaning of Esoteric is, गुप्त, गुण, गोपनीय, कठिन, गेहं, जटिल, दुरूह, दुर्बोध, छिपा हुआ.

Similar words for Esoteric are Abstruse, Profound, Deep.

The Definition of Esoteric is which understood by very few people.

Familiar, Public, Obvious, are antonyms of the Esoteric word.

Esoteric is a Adjective word.

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