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Word TypeAdjective
Word Definitiondisgustingly dirty
Hindi Meaning of Filthyगन्दा, भद्दा, मैला, कुत्सित, बहुत ही ख़राब, अपवित्र, असुद्ध, घिनौना, अश्लील
Synonyms of FilthyDirty, Soiled, Foul
Antonyms of FilthyClean, Pure, Sterile ,

Use of "Filthy" word in sentences, examples

  • They found filthy surfaces, grease-covered equipment and dirty walls.
  • Kathy Burke recalls her hilariously filthy slurring of Helena Bonham Carter.
  • The shocking and filthy conditions endured by supermarket hens in 'enriched cages'. 
  • A man, alleged to have been kept prisoner by his family in a filthy outhouse for 20 years, has been rescued by police in Brazil.
  • JORDAN Lewis' manager is continuing talks with Hawthorn and Melbourne, but denies the star midfielder is "angry" or "filthy" with the Hawks.

Similar words of "Filthy"

Bawdyअश्लील, फूहड़, निर्लज्ज, भारी, अप्रिय, भयानक, घ्रणित, अशुद्ध
Nastyखराब, गन्दा, दुष्ट, निर्लज्ज, बुरा, मैला, भयानक, शैतान, अप्रिय, खतरनाक, खराब
Odiousअप्रिय, घिनौना, घ्रणयोग्य, घ्रणित, मनहूस, नेशंस, बुरा, भद्दा, अरुचिकर, खराब
Ribaldफूहड़ व्यक्ति, फहस, अश्लील, भद्दा, गन्दा, अशिष्ट, असभ्य

Filthy FAQs:

The Hindi meaning of Filthy is, गन्दा, भद्दा, मैला, कुत्सित, बहुत ही ख़राब, अपवित्र, असुद्ध, घिनौना, अश्लील.

Similar words for Filthy are Dirty, Soiled, Foul.

The Definition of Filthy is disgustingly dirty.

Clean, Pure, Sterile ,, are antonyms of the Filthy word.

Filthy is a Adjective word.

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