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Word TypeAdjective
Word Definitionsuggestive of guilty nervousness
Hindi Meaning of Furtiveगुप्त, रहस्य्मय, चुराया हुआ, चोरी का, कपटपूर्ण, नीच, अव्यक्त, अप्रसन्न प्रछन्न
Synonyms of FurtiveFeline, Slinky, Sneaking
Antonyms of FurtiveAboveboard, Forthright, Truthful

Use of "Furtive" word in sentences, examples

  • As he approached, Sarginson observed the driver making furtive movements underneath the front seat, the statement said. 
  • The furtive conversation witnessed by was no anomaly, and Kurds, in particular, are making use of agents behind enemy lines.
  • There were plenty of furtive glances among the 100 or so Thais gathered at the temple southwest of Seoul. 
  • The mechanizations leading to that pick are just as opaque and furtive as those surrounding the Baylor presidential choice, however.
  • Flanked by the forest, George Merriam moves like a point man on a mission. He's fast and furtive.

Similar words of "Furtive"

Stealthyगुप्त, छिपकर आने वाला, चोरी से किया गया काम, जाली, छलपूर्ण, प्रछन्न, अव्यक्त
Surreptitiousगुप्त, चुराया हुआ, जाली, लुका-छिपी, चोरी का, अप्रकट, छिपा हुआ,

Furtive FAQs:

The Hindi meaning of Furtive is, गुप्त, रहस्य्मय, चुराया हुआ, चोरी का, कपटपूर्ण, नीच, अव्यक्त, अप्रसन्न प्रछन्न.

Similar words for Furtive are Feline, Slinky, Sneaking.

The Definition of Furtive is suggestive of guilty nervousness.

Aboveboard, Forthright, Truthful, are antonyms of the Furtive word.

Furtive is a Adjective word.

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