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Word TypeNoun
Word Definitionwild or violent anger.
Hindi Meaning of Furyप्रकोप, प्रचंडता, तीव्र क्रोध,, कोप, गुस्सा, पागलपन, अतिक्रम, हिंसा, उग्रता, उत्पात
Synonyms of FuryIre, Rage, Wrath
Antonyms of FuryCalm, Happiness, Peace

Use of "Fury" word in sentences, examples

  • A salesman at a fireworks store near the Ghatkopar metro station said even political parties had begun to opt for brilliance over storm and fury.
  • A Republican legislator has sparked fury after a Facebook rant in which he called for Black Lives Matter supporters to go 'home'. 
  • Sparkling markets short of biz sound and fury.
  • Ryan Williams sparked fury after he shared his questionable views on the female anatomy and feminine hygiene products on social media.
  • Villagers are furious after a council ordered them to remove a 150ft driveway laid by a neighbour without permission. 

Similar words of "Fury"

Rageक्रोध, गुस्सा, प्रकोप, उग्रता, उत्तेजना, कामना, शेष, लालसा, झुंझलाना, प्रचण्डता
Vehemenceउग्रता, तीव्रता, प्रचण्डता, तेज़ी, शक्ति, जोर, प्रभाव, महत्व, बल, असर
Wrathनाराजगी, प्रचंड क्रोध, कोप, रोष, गुस्सा, रौब, रूखापन, कठोरता

Fury FAQs:

The Hindi meaning of Fury is, प्रकोप, प्रचंडता, तीव्र क्रोध,, कोप, गुस्सा, पागलपन, अतिक्रम, हिंसा, उग्रता, उत्पात.

Similar words for Fury are Ire, Rage, Wrath.

The Definition of Fury is wild or violent anger..

Calm, Happiness, Peace, are antonyms of the Fury word.

Fury is a Noun word.

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