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Word TypeNoun
Word Definitiona mark
Hindi Meaning of Flawकलंक, चोट, दरार, दोष, धब्बा, चटकाना, तड़काना, दरार पैदा करना, दोषयुक्त होना
Synonyms of FlawBlemish, Defect, Bug
Antonyms of FlawPerfection, Strength, Fine Point

Use of "Flaw" word in sentences, examples

  • Apple on Monday patched a code execution vulnerability in iOS that could be exploited via a JPEG file crafted to take advantage of the flaw.
  • A Former Dreamworld employee who worked on the ride where four people were killed said he believed it had a “potentially fatal flaw.”
  • Malwarebytes. Talos researchers are warning that the LibTIFF library hosts three critical flaws, all of which can lead to remote code execution.
  • Now, academic researchers have identified a flaw in Intel chips that allows them to effectively bypass this protection.
  • Park Bo Gum's "Moonlight Drawn By Clouds" co-star Kwak Dong Yeon reveals his first impression of him and what he sees as his flaw.

Similar words of "Flaw"

Blemishकलंक, त्रुटि, दोष, दाग, धब्बा, कलंकित करना, दाग लगाना
Glitchविधारी, खटमल, नशा, तंग करना, परेशान करना, सताना, धब्बा, कलंक, दरार करना

Flaw FAQs:

The Hindi meaning of Flaw is, कलंक, चोट, दरार, दोष, धब्बा, चटकाना, तड़काना, दरार पैदा करना, दोषयुक्त होना.

Similar words for Flaw are Blemish, Defect, Bug.

The Definition of Flaw is a mark.

Perfection, Strength, Fine Point , are antonyms of the Flaw word.

Flaw is a Noun word.

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