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Word TypeNoun
Word Definitiona minor weakness
Hindi Meaning of Foibleअवगुण, कमजोरी, कमी, दुर्बलता, चरित्र-दोष, नैतिक, अनोखापन, अस्वाभाविकता
Synonyms of FoibleFailing, Frailty, Infirmity
Antonyms of FoibleStrength, Firmness, Advantage

Use of "Foible" word in sentences, examples

  • Beyond this foible, the performance really stands out.
  • Solemates are little heel caps that discreetly prevent this common foible of fashion. 
  • He's absolutely correct, and kudos to him for being willing to mention this particular foible of the FDA. 
  • Kind of a racist thing to say though when it's a human foible present in every people and culture the world over. 
  • It was a politics 101 foible.”

Foible FAQs:

The Hindi meaning of Foible is, अवगुण, कमजोरी, कमी, दुर्बलता, चरित्र-दोष, नैतिक, अनोखापन, अस्वाभाविकता.

Similar words for Foible are Failing, Frailty, Infirmity.

The Definition of Foible is a minor weakness.

Strength, Firmness, Advantage, are antonyms of the Foible word.

Foible is a Noun word.

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