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Word TypeAdjective
Word Definitionfast and energetic in uncontrolled way
Hindi Meaning of Freneticआतिउत्तेजित, मतवाला, व्यग्र, उन्मत, क्रोधोन्मत्त, दीवाना, प्रलापी, भ्रांतिचित
Synonyms of FreneticDelirious, Frenzied, Mad
Antonyms of FreneticCalm, Quiet, Assured

Use of "Frenetic" word in sentences, examples

  • 5 Louisville survived a frenetic finish at Virginia, 32-25 on Saturday. 
  • When the ghoul came to attack me, then actually grabbed me, I shook my controller in a frenetic panic.
  • Bullet Hell Monday is the new frenetic shooter from the developer of Decluster Zero.
  • He bursts into a series of onomatopoeic sounds, in tandem with his frenetic movements.
  • Even by the frenetic standards of international affairs, the coming fortnight will be a time for the sure-footed.

Frenetic FAQs:

The Hindi meaning of Frenetic is, आतिउत्तेजित, मतवाला, व्यग्र, उन्मत, क्रोधोन्मत्त, दीवाना, प्रलापी, भ्रांतिचित.

Similar words for Frenetic are Delirious, Frenzied, Mad.

The Definition of Frenetic is fast and energetic in uncontrolled way.

Calm, Quiet, Assured, are antonyms of the Frenetic word.

Frenetic is a Adjective word.

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