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Word Typenoun
Word Definitiona small quantity of a particular thing
Hindi Meaning of Modicumअल्प, किंचित, थोड़ा, नाममात्र का, रत्ती भर, लेशमात्र, कण, बिन्दुमात्र
Synonyms of ModicumCrumb, Dot, Fragment
Antonyms of ModicumLot, Plenty, Whole

Use of "Modicum" word in sentences, examples

  • On Tuesday, in Berlin, the Brazilians have a chance to exact a modicum of early revenge
  • 'You try to escape with a modicum of dignity'
  • The Socceroos have regained a modicum of pride
  • There is more than a modicum of bias apparent after reading this editorial.
  • Perhaps, if they had a modicum of common sense they would realise the stupidy of this venture.

Modicum FAQs:

The Hindi meaning of Modicum is, अल्प, किंचित, थोड़ा, नाममात्र का, रत्ती भर, लेशमात्र, कण, बिन्दुमात्र.

Similar words for Modicum are Crumb, Dot, Fragment.

The Definition of Modicum is a small quantity of a particular thing.

Lot, Plenty, Whole, are antonyms of the Modicum word.

Modicum is a noun word.

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