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Word TypeAdjective
Word Definitionconducive to
Hindi Meaning of Wholesomeआरोग्यजनक, ठीक, पथ्य, पौष्टिक, भला, स्वस्थ, हितकारी, लाभकारी, स्वास्थ्यकर
Synonyms of WholesomeHealthy, Hygienic, Salubrious
Antonyms of WholesomeImpure, Indecent, Unhealthy

Use of "Wholesome" word in sentences, examples

  • Watch as wholesome Sea of Thieves pirates give out free treasure chests for Easter. 
  • Wholly Wholesome, the leader in all natural and organic baked goods, announced that its ready-made Vegan Apple Pie
  • This is Wholesome Fresh's second location; it started in Newport
  • This week we got more from Jonah Falco's one-man power-pop not-so-Mad Men project Lonely Wholesome
  • If you crave a quick and healthy breakfast or snack on the run, then these wholesome muffins hit the spot in every way.

Similar words of "Wholesome"

Haleस्वस्थ, भला-चंगा, हत्ता-कट्टा, ह्रष्ट-पुष्ट, बलवान, मजबूत, सुदृढ़
Noxiousदु:खदायी, हानिकारक, घातक, विनाशकारी, विषैला, संहारक, विषाक्त

Wholesome FAQs:

The Hindi meaning of Wholesome is, आरोग्यजनक, ठीक, पथ्य, पौष्टिक, भला, स्वस्थ, हितकारी, लाभकारी, स्वास्थ्यकर.

Similar words for Wholesome are Healthy, Hygienic, Salubrious.

The Definition of Wholesome is conducive to.

Impure, Indecent, Unhealthy, are antonyms of the Wholesome word.

Wholesome is a Adjective word.

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