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Word TypeNoun
Word Definitionextreme anger.
Hindi Meaning of Wrathनाराजगी, प्रचंड क्रोध, कोप, रोष, गुस्सा, रौब, रूखापन, कठोरता
Synonyms of WrathFuror, Fury, Ire
Antonyms of WrathHappiness, Glee, Cheer

Use of "Wrath" word in sentences, examples

  • While this is a severe hit to their bank balance, it may also be sparing them the wrathof the Indian public, coming as it would have done so close on the heels of the ball-tampering scandal.
  • I averted the wrath of the students by telling them I'd had a sex change
  • They will face the wrath of our ancestors
  • Afridi invites wrath of Indian cricketers
  • He added such elements will face public wrath in the upcoming elections. 

Similar words of "Wrath"

Furyप्रकोप, प्रचंडता, तीव्र क्रोध,, कोप, गुस्सा, पागलपन, अतिक्रम, हिंसा, उग्रता, उत्पात

Wrath FAQs:

The Hindi meaning of Wrath is, नाराजगी, प्रचंड क्रोध, कोप, रोष, गुस्सा, रौब, रूखापन, कठोरता.

Similar words for Wrath are Furor, Fury, Ire.

The Definition of Wrath is extreme anger..

Happiness, Glee, Cheer, are antonyms of the Wrath word.

Wrath is a Noun word.

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