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Word TypeVerb
Word Definitionbecome limp through heat
Hindi Meaning of Wiltमुरझाना, शिस्तीलं, कुम्हलाना, सुखना, शिथिल होना, निस्तेज पड़ना, शक्ति खोना
Synonyms of WiltDroop, Flag, Sag
Antonyms of WiltNeglect, Strengthen, Rise

Use of "Wilt" word in sentences, examples

  • Last week, I mentioned that Tomato Spotted Wilt Virus (TSWV) was a common problem
  • Those are the words Phillip Kurzeja used when he spoke to the audience at the March 28 information session discussing oak wilt.
  • Oak wilt is a fungal pathogen that kills trees in a single season.
  • Typically, the first noticeable symptom is that one side of a plant wilts.
  • James on pace to pass him on scoring list early next season, then Wilt Chamberlain

Similar words of "Wilt"

Flagउत्साहहीन होना, शक्तिहीन होना, निरुत्साहित होना, मुरझा जाना, ढीला पड़ना, फीका पड़ना

Wilt FAQs:

The Hindi meaning of Wilt is, मुरझाना, शिस्तीलं, कुम्हलाना, सुखना, शिथिल होना, निस्तेज पड़ना, शक्ति खोना.

Similar words for Wilt are Droop, Flag, Sag.

The Definition of Wilt is become limp through heat.

Neglect, Strengthen, Rise, are antonyms of the Wilt word.

Wilt is a Verb word.

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