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Dicky Dolma Quick General Knowledge

NameDicky Dolma (Dicky Dolma)
Date of Birth05 April 1974
Birth PlaceKullu, Himachal Pradesh, (India)
Achievement1993 - India's youngest girl to climb Everest
Profession / CountryFemale / Skiiser / India

Dicky Dolma - India's youngest girl to climb Everest (1993)

Dicky Dolma is an Indian woman who was the youngest girl to have conquered Mount Everest under the Indo-Nepal Women's Everest, the Indo-Nepal Women's Everest expedition was led by Bachendri Pal, who was a member of Mount Everest in 1984. She was the first Indian woman to summit.

Dicky Dolma was born on 5 April 1974 in Kullu, Himachal Pradesh (India).
Dicky was also a skier and participated in many sports competitions including the 1989 All India Open Auli Festival and the Asian Winter Games. in 1999. He took a ski training course and a basic mountaineering course by Manali Institute. In the same expedition as Dickey Dolma, Santosh Yadav conquered Mount Everest for the second time, the first woman to summit twice. Dolma came from Palchan village near Manali in Himachal Pradesh state in India.
Dickey Dolma was also awarded the 1994 National Adventure Award.

Dicky Dolma FAQs:

Dicky Dolma is to be known as the India's youngest girl to climb Everest in 1993.

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