Names of major fruits of India and their edible parts

What is the fruit called?

Fertilized, modified and mature ovary is called fruit. Generally the fruit is formed by the flower. The female gonad of the flower is modified by the process of ovary fertilization to form the fruit. In many plant species, the fruit includes the surrounding tissue in addition to the ripe ovary. The fruit is the medium by which flowering plants disseminate their seeds, although not all seeds come from the fruit.

How many types of fruits are there?

Types of Fruits:

There are three basic types of fruits: simple fruits, clustered fruits, and multilobed fruits.

  1. Simple fruit:

    A simple or compound ovary containing only one stamen ripens to produce a simple fruit which may be dry or pulpy. Dried fruits can be either phlox (bursting to remove the seeds) or asphotic (not bursting so the seeds remain inside) when ripe. Examples of dried and normal fruits are: Fruits in which part or all of the fruit wall becomes fleshy at ripening are called normal pulpy fruits.
  2. Tufted fruits: These fruits develop from a single flower with many simple stamens. An example of this is raspberry.
  3. Multisegmented fruit:

    A multisegmented fruit is formed from a cluster of flowers (an inflorescence). Each flower produces a fruit but all mature as a single body. Examples of these are pineapple, edible fig, mulberry, orange and breadfruit.

List of main fruits of India and their edible parts:

Furits name Edible part name
Lychee Eril
Apple, pear Pushpasana
Mango, papaya Mid fruit wall
Wheat Endosperm and embryo
Coconut Endosperm
Peanuts, Chickpeas Cotyledon and embryo
Potato Trunk
Carrots, turnips, beets and radishes Root
Cashew Cotyledon
Orange Juicy hair
Pineapple Circle beam
Guava, Tomato, Grapes Fruit wall and seedling
Banana Mid and interwall

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Fruit Parts FAQs:

Ethylene gas is used for artificial ripening of unripe fruits. Ethylene is a natural gas that speeds up the ripening process of fruits. Using this, fruits come in contact with more ethylene gas, due to which their ripening process gets faster. This process is called "ripening the fruit".

Cycas is a gymnosperm plant. It is a member of an ancient class of plants called 'Cycadophyta' which is not closely related to palms, ferns, or other modern plants.The Cycas plant is mainly characterized by long and fuzzy leaves that look like eyelashes.

Classified as a legume, the peanut grows underground—the only fruit that does. The nut, or fruit, is the seed of the peanut plant. Peanuts require warm weather and mature during summer.

The main reason for the sweet taste of fruits is the presence of natural sugars in them. Fruits mainly contain sugar called fructose, which makes them sweet. Fructose is a natural carbohydrate found in medium abundance in fruits.

The 'show fruit' or display fruit of banana is the layer of old peel hanging from its middle, which makes the fruit attractive. This rind is not actually eaten and after it is removed the 'true fruit' is revealed. The 'true fruit' is sweet in taste and yellow in color and is rich in various nutrients.

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