Name of major musical instruments in Hindi and English:-

Names of music and musical instruments in Hindi: An instrument made or used for the purpose of producing musical sound. In principle, any object that produces sound can be called a musical instrument. The history of musical instruments begins with the beginning of human culture. The academic study of musical instruments is called Organology in English.

A disputed date and origin of the instrument as a musical instrument is believed to be 67,000 years old; Artifacts commonly believed to be early flutes are approximately 37,000 years old. Many types of musical instruments have been developed in different regions of India, which can be mainly classified into four categories.

Types of Music and Instruments: 

  • Ghan-Vadya: In which sticks, bells, manjire etc. are included, which are struck together to produce melodious sound.
  • Avandha-Vadya or Dhol: In which those instruments come, in which leather is covered on a vessel or structure, such as Dholak.
  • Sushir-Vadya: Which are instruments that produce musical sound by blowing into a thin tube, such as a flute.
  • Tat-Vadya: In which those instruments are included, from which musical sound is extracted by producing vibrations in the strings, such as sitar.

List of major music and musical instruments of India and the world:

Musical Instruments names in English संगीत और वाद्य यंत्रो के नाम हिन्दी में
Bagpipe मशक बीन
Banjo बैंजो
Bell घंटी
Bugle सिंघा या बिगुल
Clarion तुरही
Clarionet शहनाई
Conch शंख
Cymbal झांझ, छैना, करताल
Drum ढोल
Drum नगाड़ा
Drumet डुगडुगी
Flute बांसुरी
Guitar गिटार
Harmonium हरमोनियम
Harp वीणा
Jew’s harp मुरचंग
Mouth-organ बीन-बाजा
Piano पियानो
Sarod सरोद
Sitar सितार
Tabor तबला
Tambourine डफ
Tomtom ढोलक
Violin बेला
Whistle सीटी

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