SAI20 Senior Officials Meeting

The first Supreme Audit Institution 20 SAI20 Senior Officials' Meeting began today in Guwahati with the theme - 'Blue Economy' and 'Responsible Artificial Intelligence'. SAI20 aims to bring together an ecosystem in which SAIs are active participants in governance, promoting transparency and accountability. Around 44 delegates from G20 member states, guest countries and other international organizations reached Guwahati to participate in the SAI20 event. Sais from Australia, Brazil, Egypt, Indonesia, Oman, Republic of Korea, Russia, Saudi Arabia, Turkey and UAE are participating individually.

What is SAI20?

The G20's SAI20 Engagement Group was established during Indonesia's presidency of the G20 through 2022. The formation of SAI20 stems from the recognition of SAI's role in promoting efficiency, accountability and transparency of public administration and supporting SDG implementation. This mandate is achieved by engaging actively and effectively with the entire spectrum of stakeholders, from audited entities and governments to the media and civil society. Such effective engagement will act as a barometer of society's expectations and establish the relevance of SAI's work.

Objective of SAI20

To promote cooperation between SAIs and other stakeholders in G20 countries to strengthen oversight, develop insights and provide strategic foresight to promote accountable economic governance, as well as to address the different maturity levels of each respective SAI of member countries To address and bring together the unity to address and recognize and ensure that Jan Desh is the integrity of the SAI community.
To develop a platform to strengthen SAI's role as a partner of G20 member states in responding to global issues.

Principle of SAI20

  • Freedom:
    Independence should remain an overarching goal of all SAI20 members, as set out in the Mexico Declaration on SAI Independence.
  • Transparency:
    SAI20 will ensure timely, reliable, clear and relevant reporting on its status, activities, operations and performance.
  • Accountability:
    SAI20 will commit to being accountable to play a significant role in making a difference in the lives of citizens.
  • Cooperation:
    In order to address cross-cutting issues, SAI20 will aim to collaborate and collaborate with other groupings and tracks under the G20.
  • Continuity:
    SAI20 will ensure that its operations are managed with a view to sustainability. Therefore, SAI20 can consider diversity of disciplines and priority-setting in a way that provides long-term perspective and promotes long-term planning, thereby maintaining its sustainability. It is important that all SAI20 activities seek to build on their predecessor activities and should be further developed so that continuity is maintained.
  • SAI20 will be open to collaboration of stakeholders to promote participatory dialogue to deliver meaningful results.

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