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Word TypeNoun
Word Definitiona small part broken off
Hindi Meaning of Fragmentटुकड़ा, अंश, भाग, पुर्जा, खंड, पर्चा, खंडित होना
Synonyms of FragmentScrap, Shard, Stub
Antonyms of FragmentEntirety, Total, Whole

Use of "Fragment" word in sentences, examples

  • A fourth century fragment of papyrus, believed to be fake, quotes Jesus explicitly referring to having a wife.
  • When English speakers use a deliberate fragment, they often present a noun or verb phrase as a sentence. 
  • Mariners pitcher Taijuan Walker had surgery Monday to remove a bone fragment from his right ankle.
  • This fossil brain fragment, however, seems to have been preserved under highly unusual circumstances.
  • This salvo also employs plenty of fragments.

Similar words of "Fragment"

Modicumअल्प, किंचित, थोड़ा, नाममात्र का, रत्ती भर, लेशमात्र, कण, बिन्दुमात्र

Fragment FAQs:

The Hindi meaning of Fragment is, टुकड़ा, अंश, भाग, पुर्जा, खंड, पर्चा, खंडित होना.

Similar words for Fragment are Scrap, Shard, Stub.

The Definition of Fragment is a small part broken off.

Entirety, Total, Whole, are antonyms of the Fragment word.

Fragment is a Noun word.

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