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Word TypeAdjective
Word Definitionexpressing happiness
Hindi Meaning of Jubilantप्रफुल्ल, आनन्द्विभोर, प्रमुदित, उल्लसित, विजयकारी, मग्न
Synonyms of JubilantExultant, Happy, Triumphant
Antonyms of JubilantDepressed, Sorrowful, Deiected

Use of "Jubilant" word in sentences, examples

  • The boy was jubilant to be with a dad he loved and away from an overly strict mom.
  • Radicals were jubilant at getting rid of him.
  • The fans were in jubilant mood after the victory.
  • Whether it was relief or jubilation was lost amid the tumult. 
  • There were no cheering and jubilant fans waiting for them. 

Jubilant FAQs:

The Hindi meaning of Jubilant is, प्रफुल्ल, आनन्द्विभोर, प्रमुदित, उल्लसित, विजयकारी, मग्न.

Similar words for Jubilant are Exultant, Happy, Triumphant.

The Definition of Jubilant is expressing happiness.

Depressed, Sorrowful, Deiected, are antonyms of the Jubilant word.

Jubilant is a Adjective word.

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