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Word Typeadjective
Word Definitionto strike violently or forcefully and repeatedly.
Hindi Meaning of Overbeatingअहंकारी, उघत, घमण्डी, ढीठ, दबंग, रौबीला, सत्तावादी, अधिकारवादी
Synonyms of OverbeatingArrogant, Haughty, Insolent
Antonyms of OverbeatingHumble, Modest, Shy

Use of "Overbeating" word in sentences, examples

  • Auckland pair arrested over beating of 4-month-old girl
  • 3 former prison workers face charges over beating of inmate
  • PNPA chief offers to quit over beating.
  • Bronkhorstspruit farmers in court over beating of nine-year-old girl.
  • Seven Suspects Arrested Over Beating Of Afghan Woman

Overbeating FAQs:

The Hindi meaning of Overbeating is, अहंकारी, उघत, घमण्डी, ढीठ, दबंग, रौबीला, सत्तावादी, अधिकारवादी.

Similar words for Overbeating are Arrogant, Haughty, Insolent.

The Definition of Overbeating is to strike violently or forcefully and repeatedly..

Humble, Modest, Shy, are antonyms of the Overbeating word.

Overbeating is a adjective word.

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