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Word Typeadjective
Word Definitionin a state of nervous anxiety or excitement.
Hindi Meaning of Overwroughtअति उत्तेजित, आवेगशील, परेशान, घबराया हुआ, व्यग्र, उत्तेजित, उन्मत्त
Synonyms of OverwroughtAffected, Distracted, Agitated
Antonyms of OverwroughtUnruffled, Calm, Cool

Use of "Overwrought" word in sentences, examples

  • Overwrought reporting helps Russian meddling
  • Judge Adeane said Swannell had become "emotionally overwrought and upset" and started the chainsaw.
  • Jennifer Lawrence can't bring credibility to overwrought spy thriller.
  • The illustrator William Heath Robinson's name became a byword for cobbled-together, overwrought contraptions.
  • The track is cohesive and fun rather than overwrought.

Overwrought FAQs:

The Hindi meaning of Overwrought is, अति उत्तेजित, आवेगशील, परेशान, घबराया हुआ, व्यग्र, उत्तेजित, उन्मत्त.

Similar words for Overwrought are Affected, Distracted, Agitated.

The Definition of Overwrought is in a state of nervous anxiety or excitement..

Unruffled, Calm, Cool, are antonyms of the Overwrought word.

Overwrought is a adjective word.

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