सबसे महत्वपूर्ण और उपयोगी दो-शब्द क्रियाओं की सूची जो हमारी दैनिक बातचीत में अक्सर उपयोग की जाती हैं। वाक्यों में दो शब्दों की क्रियाओं का उपयोग करना सीखें। यहां आपको हिंदी में अर्थ और वाक्य उदाहरण के साथ दो-शब्द क्रिया मिलेगी।

Verb Meaning in Hindi Sentence Example
Act for किसी के बदले उसके स्थान पर कार्य करना The senior clerk was asked to act for head clear when he went on leave.
Act upon प्रभावित करना Heat acts upon bodies and causes them to expand
Act upon भरोसा रखना, भरोसा रखकर कार्यवाही करना Acting upon a witness’ evidence the police caught the thief.
Agree with उप्युक्क्त, योग्य होना Oil does not agree with my stomach.
Answer for जिम्मेदार होना Every man must answer for his actions to god.
Ask after किसी व्यक्ति के बारे में पूछताछ करना He was asking after you when i meet him this morning.
Ask for मांग लेना You can ask for anything you need.
Attend on सेवा, सत्कार करना Acting as a good hostess she attended on her guests well.
Back out दिए हुए वचन से मुकर जाना He had promised me two hundred rupees but latter he backed out from his words.
Back on सहमत होना, सहमती देना Let us call back on his demands.
Be off चले जाना The concert will be on till nine p.m.
Be over चालू, घटित होना After the picture will be over we will go home.
Be up समाप्त होना Time is going to be up, hand over your copies.
Be up समाप्त होना (समय) He will be up at five in the morning.
Bear down बिस्तर से उठना The dictator bore down all opposition.
Bear down जबरदस्ती उखाड़ फेकना, दबा देना The president bore down all dissent.
Bear on साथ सबंधित होना Does this book bear on the same subject as that.
Bear out साबित करना, आधार देना If the evidence bear out the charge, mahesh will be convicted for armed robbery.
Bear with बर्दास्त करना It is very difficult to bear with rani’s bad temper.
Beat back पीछे हटना The flame beat back the fireman.
Beat off हमले का डटकर सामना करना, हमलावर को पीछे हटाना. In the battle of waterloo the british beat off napoleon.
Believe in विश्वास करना I do not believe in astrology.
Bid fair अच्छी सम्भावना होना His coaching has been so good that he bids fair to win the race.
Bind over क़ानूनी बंधन रखना The man was bound over the court not to indulge in any criminal activity for at least six months.
Blow down तूफान से गिरना The storm last night blew down many big trees.
Blow out बुझाना On her birthday she blew out fifteen candles on her cake.
Blow over नुकसान न करते हुए चले जाना, खत्महोना We hope that this crisis will blow over and be forgotten.
Blow up विस्फोट करना,होना The retreating army blew up all the bridges.
Blow up अचानक गुस्सा होना I did not understand why he below up at my answer.
Border upon निकट होना His ranting bordered upon madness.
Break away अपने को बंधन से छुड़ाकर भागना The horseman tried to hold the horse by the bridle, but the horse broke away.
Break down (यंत्र का) खराबी के कारण बंद पड़ना, रुकना Our car broke down on the way to agra.
Break down भावना के उद्वेग से रो पड़ना She broke down at his departure.
Break down विश्लेशण करना, अलग अलग सूची बनाना If you break down the figures you will found out your mistake.
Break in (घोड़े को) सिखाना How much time will you need to break in this horse.
Break in (दरवाजा आदि) जबरदस्ती खोलना We had to break in the room when there was no response for her.
Break into चोरी से अथवा जबरदस्ती अंदर घुसना The thieves broke into the bank and stole the money from its lockers.
Break loose खुल जाना,बंधन टूटना During the storm the boat broke loose from its anchor and was washed away by strong current.
Break loose भागना The buffalo broke loose the rope and ran away.
Break off अचानक रुकना, खत्म करना She was saying something, but broke off as she saw him.
Break out अचानक आरम्भ होना No one could tell the police how the fire broke out.
Break up लड़ाई-झगड़ा रोकना He intervened to broke up the quarrel.
Break up तितर-बितर होना, करना The police as resorted to a lathi charge to break up the crowd.
Break with मेंत्री टूटना, तोडना Vijay and arun were close friend, but they seem to have broken off now.
Bring about बनाना, घटित करना The new government brought about many reforms.
Bring forward प्रस्ताव रखना The proposal he brought forward did not seem practical.
Bring in इक्कठा करना, बिक्री से कमाना How much does your monthly sale bring in?
Bring off कठिन एंव अनपेक्षित कार्य संपन कर दिखाना The touring indian cricket team in england brought off a spectacular victory.
Bring on पैदा करना Dirt of brings on diseases.
Bring out बाहर निकालना War the bring out the worst in people.
Bring to सचेतन करना, होश में लाना The unconscious man was brought to consciousness by a passer by through artificial respiration.
Bring under दबाना, ऊपर अधिकार जमाना The king brought under the rebels and established pease in his kingdom.
Bring up (बच्चे का) लालन-पालन कर Anil was brought up by his uncle.
Brush off अशिष्टिता से किसी को चलता करना As he became irritating she had to brush him off.
Buckle to कम में जुट जाना With his examinations round the corner ramesh has to buckle to at once.
Build up बढ़ाना, मजबूत करना You need a good tonic to build up your strength after your recent illness.
Burn down जलकर नष्ट करना या करना The house was completely burnt down in the great fire in the city.
Call at घर पर मिलने जाना I called at my friends place to inquire about his health.
Call at रुकना This ship in not call at cochin.
Call for लेने के लिए जाना The washer man called for the wash.
Call for आवयश्कता होना Good painting calls a great skill.
Call off रद्द करना I had to call off the party because my wife’s illness.
Call on मिलने जाना The visiting australian prime minister called on the president.
Care for अच्छा लगना, पसंद करना Would you care for cup a tea.
Care for रक्षा, निगरानी करना, भरण-पोषण करना Mother theresa cares for many an orphan.
Carry on चलू रखना,कार्य करते रहना Despite the accident they carried on with the show.
Carry out संपन, पूण करना, आदेश का पालन करना My secretary carries out her duties very efficiently.
Carry through कार्य संपन करना It required lot of effort for the engineers to carry through the building construction.
Catch on समझ में आना When he explained his plan i caught on to his motive.
Catch up किसी के बराबर पहुंच जाना He ran so fast that it was difficult to catch up with him.
Cave in गिरना, ढह जाना On account of a major earthquake recently the outer wall of our house caved in.
Change hands (जाय्दात, माकन की) मिलकियत बदलना This house changed hands twice during the last ten years.
Check out (होटल) छोड़ना He was caught before he could check out without paying the bill.
Check up पता लगाना, जाँच करना Please check up if he is at home or not.
Clear off भाग जाना I went to see who had thrown the stone, but the boys had cleared off.
Clear out चले जाना His impudence infuriated me so much that i asked him to clear out of my house.
Close down हमेसा के लिए बंद करना On account of slump in the market he had to close down his shop.
Close up कुछ समय के लिए बंद करना He closed up the shop for the day and went home.
Come about घटित होना You have grown so thin! How did this come about?
Come along प्रगति करना How is your book coming along?
Come by प्राप्त करना Initially he was not doing very well but now he has come by a fantastic contract.
Come into विरासत में मिलना He will come into the estate on his father’s death.
Come of नतीजा निकालना Nothing came of his proposal.
Come off घटित होना When does the concert come off?
Come out जाहिर होना, पता चलना It comes out that she was aware of the startling facts all the time.
Come round धीरे-धीरे स्वास्थ सुधारना My friend was seriously ill for some days, but is now coming round.
Come round मन लेना He was strongly opposed to the idea of going to badkal lake for picnic, but after lot of persuasion he came round to other’s wishes.
Come through सफल होना As i’ve studied hard for the examination i am quite confident that i’ll come through.
Come to होश में आना He came to after a long period of unconsciousness.
Come to (बिल) बनाना How much does the bill come to?
Come upon संयोग से पाना, दिखाना While wandering through the jungle i came upon a strange bird.
Cook up मनगढत बनाना As he beating he cooked up a story to explain his absence.
Correspond to समान दिखना The bird’s wing corresponds to the man’s arm.
Cry out चिलाना She cried out for help when she saw a car speeding towards her child.
Count in समाविष्ट करना If you are planning to make a trip to shimla you can count me in.
Count on भरोसा रखना You can always count on my trip.
Count out समाविष्ट न करना If you are planning any mischief, please count me out.
Cover for दुसरे के काम की जिम्मेदारी लेना Go and take your coffee break, i’ll cover for you until you return.
Cross out काट देना, निकाल देना She crossed out his name from invitees’ list.
Cut down मात्रा कम करना If you want to reduce you must cut down on starchy and oily food.
Cut in बीच में बोल पड़ना Don’t cut in while i am speaking to someone.
Cut off बीच में रोकना, रोक लगाना Our army cut off the enemy’s escape route.
Cut out निकाल देना You can safely cut out the last paragraph of this article.
Cut short समय से पहले समाप्त करना The meeting was cut short as the chief speaker suddenly fell ill.
Cut up दु:खी होना He was greatly cut up by his failure in the examination.
Cut up सक्त आलोचना करना, छोटा करना The reviewers mercilessly cut up his autobiographical novel.
Dash off कंही जल्दी से जाना The horses dashed off down the street.
Dash off जल्दी में लिखना He dashed off three letters in half an hour.
Dawn on समझ में आना It only later dawned on me that he was all this while pulling my leg.
Deal in व्यापार करना My friend deals in ready made garments.
Deal out बाटना Justice ram nath bajaj of delhi high court is famous for dealing out equal justice to all.
Deal with किसी के साथ व्यापार करना I’ve had bad experience with him. I won’t deal with him any further .
Deal with सम्बंधित होना This book deal with foreign policy matters.
Deliver from बचाना Oh god, deliver us from evil!
Die away कम होना, खत्म होना After a while the sounds died away.
Die down कम होना, खत्म होना After a while the noise died down.
Die off नष्ट होना As the civilization advanced, many backward tribes died off.
Die out नष्ट होना At the night advanced the fire died out.
Dip into किसी पुस्तक के इधर-उधर के पृष्ट पढना I have not read this book; i have only dipped into it.
Dip into निकालना I had dip into my savings to buy a motor cycle.
Dish out आसानी से प्रसंसा, निंदा या आलोचना करना The flattery he dishes out would turn anyone’s head.
Dish out निकालना Everybody, please dish out rs. 10 each for this trip.
Dispense with किसी व्यक्ति के बिना काम चलाना You can easily dispense with his services.
Dispose of बेच देना The reach man disposed of all his property and became a sadhu.
Do for किसी वस्तु के स्थान पर काम आना This plot of land is fairly large and will do for a playground.
Do over फिर से करना You will have do over this sum, as you have made a mistake.
Do up कमरा ठीक-ठाक करना If you do up this place it will look beautiful.
Do without किसी चीज के बिना काम चलाना We will have do without many facilities at this village.
Draw back पीछे हटना, मुकर जाना I cannot draw back from my promise.
Draw in अंदर की तरफ ले लेना The cat in its paws and curled up on the floor.
Draw near पास आना As winter draws near, people start wearing woolen clothes.
Draw on नजदीक आना As the time of concert drew on the audience got anxious.
Draw out किसी को अपने विचार देने के लिए तैयार करना He was resultant to comment on anil’s behavior, but in the end i managed to draw him out.
Draw toward किसी के प्रति आकर्षित होना Kumar finds asha very charming and feels drawn towards her.
Draw up तैयार करना, बनाना Let us draw up a list of all the people we want to invite.
Drive at लश्य करना I listened to his rambling talk and could not make out what he was driving at.
Drop in यूँ ही मिलना I dropped in on prakash on my way to market.
Drop out छोड़ देना Arun dropped out of the medical course as he found very laborious.
Dwell on किसी बात पर अधिक देर तक बोलना In his speech he dwelt on the importance of prompt action.
Eat into जंग खाना, जंग से कट जाना Rust eats into iron.
Egg on प्रोसाहित करना ( साधारणता बुरे काम के लिए) He is a well behaved boy, but he was egged on by kumar to fight with ashok.
Enlarge on किसी विषय पर लम्बा व्याख्यान देना This lawyer upon this part of the evidence and treated it as of great importance.
Explain away बहाना बनाना, झुठ-मुठ विवरण देना Although he was at fault yet he tried to explain away his mistake.
Fall back पीछे हटना When our army charged, the enemy fell back.
Fall behind पिछड़ना, प्रगति न करना On account of a prolonged illness, she fell behind in her studies.
Fall flat यशस्वी या आकर्षक न होना Although she is an accomplished dancer her performance last week fell flat.
Fall for आकर्षित होना Usha fell for the pretty sari displayed in a window shop.
Fall in कतार में खड़े होना The captain ordered the soldiers to fall in.
Fall off कम होना On account of the heavy snow fall, attendance at the evening class has fallen of considerably.
Fall on हमला करना The angry mob fell on the running thief.
Fall out झगड़ा करना Anil and sunil were good friends, but now they seem to have fallen out.
Fall through किसी काम का अधुरा या असफल रहना We had been planning to go to nainital this summer but for want of money the programme fell through.
Fall under समाविष्ट होना This entire district falls under my jurisdiction.
Feel for सहानुभुति रखना I deeply feel for you in your suffering.
Feel like इच्छा होना I feel like talking a long walk.
Figure on अंदाजा लगाना, अपेक्षा करना I had figured on your attending the meeting.
Figure out समझना, अर्थ लगाना, सुलझाना His lecture was long and boring and i couldn’t figure out what he was driving at.
Figure up हिसाब या अंदाजा लगाना Have you figured up the cost of this entire project?
Fill in किसी दुसरे की जगह लेना As the principal was on leave, the vice filled in for him.
Fill out फार्म भरना For the marketing management examination the candidates had to fill out forms.
Fit out सामान को सजाना Today, she is very busy fitting out her house for the big party.
Fix up मरम्मत करना We decided to fix up the old house ourselves.
Flare up अचानक क्रोध करना It is immature to flare up on trifles.
Fly at अचानक क्रोध प्रकट करना I asked him to lend me five rupees and all once he flew at me.
Fly off जल्दी करना He was slightly late so he flew off the railway station in the hope of catching the train.
Fly open जोर से खोलना Suddenly the door flew open and he ran out.
Fly out जल्दी में बहार भागना As the fire spread all the people flew out the burning house.
Follow suit अनुकरण करना She asked the speaker a probing question and gradually everyone followed the suit.
Fool around हंसी मजाक करना Stop fooling and get to work.
Fool away व्यर्थ गवा देना Don’t foot away your time like this.
Front for अप्रत्यक्ष रूप से किसी का प्रतिनिधित्व करना The chairman is the real boss in this company but the general manager fronts for him.
Get about घूमना, इधर-उधर जाना For last two month he was bed ridden on account of typhoid. Now, he is getting about again.
Get across समझना At last i was able to get across my point.
Get ahead प्रति करना, आगे बढ़ना, आगे निकल जाना Unless you work, how will you get ahead of other in studies?
Get along घूम मिलकर रहना, दोस्ती रखना She is highly sociable and can get along with everybody.
Get along प्रगति करना How is mr. Rao getting along in his new job?
Get around टालना He ‘tried to get around the policeman’s inquiries.
Get at प्रयास से प्राप्त करना One enquiry’s object is to get at the ‘truth.
Get away निकल कर भागना Despite vigilance of the policeman the thief got away.
Get back वापस आना He has just got back from his tour after two months.
Get by प्रयासपूर्वक करना You will have to somehow get by with his work.
Get down किसी सवारी से उतरना, शुरू करना Let us get down the next stop. The exams are approaching fast. Let’s get down to studies.
Get off बस या मोटर या गाड़ी से उतरना We have to get off the bus at the next stop.
Get on बस या मोटर या गाड़ी पर सवार होना I saw him to get on to bus at the last stop.
Get on प्रगति करना Ashok is quite industrious and sure to get on in the world.
Get over किसी बीमारी से मुक्त होना Have you got over your cold?
Get round किसी व्यक्ति को खुशामद से राजी करना I’m sure he’ll somehow get round the money lender for a loan.
Get through पूरा करना When will you get through with your work?
Get to पहुंचना Balrampur is a remote village in madhya pradesh and very difficult to get to.
Get up बिस्तर अथवा कुर्सी से उठ बैठना He got up from his seat to receive me.
Give away बाँटना The chief guest gave away the prizes.
Give away रहस्य खोलना He gave away ram’s name as he had drawn teacher’s cartoon.
Give in हार न मानना He knew he was losing the match, but he refused to give in.
Give off बहार फेकना Some gases give off a pungent smell.
Give out जाहिर करना He gave out that he had got nominated on the welfare board.
Give up हार मानना When he realized that he would not be able to win the race, he gave up.
Give way टूट पड़ना Ashok kept on kicking the door vigorously and finally it gave way.
Gloss over दोष छिपाना In ram chandra’s biography the writer has glossed over many of his shortcoming.
Go around पर्याप्त होना I am afraid we do not have enough chairs to go around.
Go back मुकर जाना He promised to lend me his history notes but now he has gone back on his word.
Go down विश्वास करना Yours story is highly unconvincing and will not go down with the authorities.
Go for हमला करना The boys went for the poor dog with stone.
Go off धमाके से फूटना या उड़ना The gun went off with a loud bang.
Go on बनाना, घटित होना What’s going here?
Go on जारी रखना Jaya went on reading and did not pay attention to her friends.
Go out बुझना The lights went out as sanjeev entered the room.
Go over स्मरण करना I went over the events of the day as i lay in bed at night.
Go over स्मरण करना Go over this chapter again and again until you have learnt in thoroughly.
Go through तकलीफ उठना, सहन करना You will never know what she went through to give her children good education.
Go upon किसी आधार पर चलना Is this principle you always go upon?
Go with मेल खाना A blue cardigan will not go with a green sari.
Go without किसी चीज के बिना काम चलना How long can you go without food?
Go wrong खराब होना What has gone wrong with your car?
Grow upon आदत लगाना The habit of taking drugs is growing up college boys.
Hand down न्यायालय में सजा सुनाना The judge handed down his verdict in the case.
Hand in दे देना Time is up, please hand in the answer books.
Hand out बाँटना The examiner handed out the question papers to the candidates.
Hand over सोंपना The retiring sales engineer handed over the charge to the new engineer.
Hang about किसी स्थान के इर्द-गिर्द घूमना A suspicious looking man was seen hanging about the house last night.
Hang around बिना काम के किसी व्यक्ति या स्थान के इर्द-गिर्द घूमना I have often seen him hanging around her house?
Hang back पीछे रहना I asked him to receive the chief guest, but he hung back.
Hang on लटकना, लटके रहना Hang on to the rope lest you should fall down.
Hang up टेलीफोन नीचे रख देना I rang him up but as soon as he heard my voice he hung up.
Hang upon ध्यान से सुनना The audience hung upon every word of the distinguished speaker.
Happen on अचानक दिखना During my himalayan trek i happened on a tiger in a forest.
Have on पहने हुए होना What sari did she have on when you saw her?
Hear of पता चलना Have you heard of the bus accident at okhla in which ten persons got killed.
Hit on संयोग से पता चलना To begin with i tried quite a bit and finally by sheer luck i hit on the right solution.
Hold forth लंबा-चौड़ा भाषण देना He held forth on his favourite topic for one full hour.
Hold good चालू रहना The promise i made you last week still holds good.
Hold off कोई निर्णय करने में देर लगाना Everybody in the office is wondering why mr. Rao is holding off his decision.
Hold on कस कर पकडे रखना Hold on to the rope, lest you should fall down.
Hold out प्रतिकार जरी रखना Despite massive strength of the enemies our soldiers held out to last.
Hold over देर लगाना In view of the fresh evidence available the judge has decided to hold over the case till the next month.
Hold still स्थिर रहना How can i take your photograph if you do not hold still?
Hold together एकत्र रहना This chair is so rickety that it will not hold together if you sit on it.
Hold true सत्य होना Newton’s law of gravitation will always hold true on the earth.
Hold up देर लगाना, रोक लगाना Your late arrival has held up the work.
Hold up डाक डालना Two armed robbers held up the bank.
Hunt for ढूंढ़ना What were you hunting for in the newspaper?
Hunt up प्रयासपूर्वक ढूंढ़ना I am hunting up material for my new book on politicking in india.
Inquire after कुशल पूछना Since last week ashok had not been feeling well so i went to his place to inquire after him.
Introduce into नई चीज बीच में लाना He introduced into the debate a fresh approach.
Issue from किसी स्थान या वस्तु से बहार निकलना Water issued from a small crack in the stream.
Join in सम्मिलित होना, हिस्सा लेना At first he kept aloof from our games, but later joined in.
Join with बाँट लेना I’ll join with you in the expenses of the trip.
Join up सेना में भर्ती होना When the war declared the government appealed to all young men to join up.
Jump at उत्सुकता से स्वीकारना When i suggested that we could go for picnic tomorrow he jumped at the proposal.
Jump to जल्दबाजी में निष्कर्ष निकालना Don’t be hasty in judging himself and jumping to the conclusion that he is hostile to you.
Keep at करते रहना If he only keeps at his works, he will soon finish with it.
Keep back छुपाना I won’t keep back anything from you.
Keep away दूर रहना We should advise our children to keep away from bad company.
Keep house घर संभालना He wants his wife only to keep house and not work in an office.
Keep off दूर रहना The curtains will keep off the mosquitoes.
Keep on जारी रखना, चलते रहना It was long journey and he was tried, but he kept on going.
Keep out बहार रखना The woolen cloths are warm enough to keep out the cold.
Keep to जारी रखना, करते रहना Unless you keep to the job you are doing, you will never be able to finish with it.
Keep to वचन का निर्वाह करना You must learn to keep to your word.
Keep together साथ-साथ रहना I asked my children to keep together in the crowd.
Keep up गति बनाये रखना India must keep up with the development and progress in the world of science.
Knock down नीचे गिरना The boxer struck his opponent a heavy blow and knocked him down.
Knock off काम बंद करना He did not take long to knock off the work.
Knock out पूरी तरह से हार मानना A heavy blow on the nose by his opponent knocked out the boxer.
Knuckle under हार मानना We thought it would be a tough bout, but it was not long before one of the boxers was knuckling under.
Lay about चारो ओर से पिटाई करना As the watchman spotted a man stealing watches from a shop he laid about with his cane.
Lay down त्याग पत्र देना After ten long years he laid down the chairmanship of the company.
Lay off कुछ समय के लिए काम से निकाल देना If the sales continue to fall like this we may have to lay off one or two people.
Lay on जोर से पिटाई करना Taking up a stick he caught the mischievous boy and laid on vigorously.
Lay open राज खोलना I shall not rest till i’ve laid open the whole conspiracy.
Lay out रचना करना The garden was laid out by an expert.
Lay up भविष्य में प्रयोग में लानेके लिए इकठ्ठा करना The squirrel was busy laying up nuts.
Leave alone साथ छोड़ना How can you leave me alone in my hard times?
Leave out छोड़ देना It will be unfair to leave him out of the picnic programme.
Let down निराश करना, धोखा देना I was counting on your help, but you let me down.
Let off छोड़ देना You must prepare hard. Interviewers won’t let you off so easily.
Let on बता देना Don’t let on to dev that we are going to a movie tonight.
Let out किराये पर देना As i am hard up nowadays i had to let out a portion of my house.
Let up कम होना If the rain lets up we will go to the market.
Light on संयोग से पता चलना While wandering in the jungle the boys suddenly lighted on a secret cave.
Live on किसी चीज पर निर्वाह करना Squirrels live on nuts.
Look after संम्भालना, ध्यान देना Will you please look after the house in my absence.
Look for ढूँढना I looked for my lost watch everywhere in the house, but couldn’t find it.
Look in यूँ ही थोड़े समय के लिए मिलने जाना Do look in after dinner if you are free.
Look into जाँच करना Have the police looked into the matter relating to theft at your house.
Look out सावधान रहना Look out there is a car coming.
Look over जाँच अथवा मूल्यंकन करना The examiner was looking over the students ‘answer paper.
Look up अर्थ या संदर्भ ढूँढना Suresh looked up the word in the dictionary as he did not know its meaning.
Look up बढ़ना Prices of cooking oil are looking up.
Make after पीछे दौड़ना The policeman made after the thief very fast.
Make believe विश्वाश करने के लिए भूमिका बनना Arun that he was sick to take a leave from school.
Make clear समझना, विवरण देना The teacher made clear to me my mistake.
Make faces मुंह टेढ़ा करके दिखाना Stop making faces at me.
Make for किसी की तरफ जाना The thief entered the house and made for the safe.
Make good पदौन्नति होना He being a hard worker is sure to make good in that new job.
Make of समझ पाना I cannot make anything of this statement.
Make merry मौज बनाना As we have now an unexpected holiday, so let us make merry.
Make out कठिनाई से समझ पाना Can you make out his handwriting.
Make over सुपुर्द करना He has made over all his property to his son.
Make over मरम्मत करना She is an efficient housewife and makes over all her old clothes.
Make room जगह बनाना I cannot make room for anything more in this trunk.
Make sense सार्थक होना How can you be so foolish in dealing with your clients? It doen’t make sense to him.
Make towards किसी की तरफ जाना The swimmer made toward the right bank of the river.
Make up बनाना, रचना, गढना Don’t make up such silly excuses for your absence yesterday.
Make way रास्ता देना The crowd hurriedly made way for the leader as he arrived.
Mix up गड़बड़ घोटाला करना As they were introduced to me in a hurry i mixed up their names and called him by the wrong name.
Occur to विचार में आना As i always considered him an honest person it never occurred to me that he was laying.
Offend against असोभनीय लगना There was nothing in his speech to offend against good taste.
Pack off जल्दी में चलता कर देंना As he was getting in my nevers i packed him off.
Palm off ठगना He tried to palm off a forged hundred rupee note on me.
Part with दे देना Nobody likes to part with one’s property.
Pass away मरना Kaumar’s father passed away yesterday.
Pass for समझ लिया जाना Our villagers being largely illiterate he passes for a learned man in our village.
Pass out सुध-बुध खोना She could not bear the sight of accident and passed out.
Pass over ख्याल न करना I passed over many candidates before i could choose this one.
Pay attention ध्यान देना The teacher asked the student to pay attention to him.
Pay off हिसाब चूका कर छुट्टी दे देना He was not happy with his servant so he paid him off.
Pick on चिढना, झगड़ा मोल लेना The quarrelsome boy always picked on fights for with small children.
Pick out चुनना, पसंद करना Anil spent a long time picking out a nice gift for anita.
Pick up थोडा-सा ज्ञान प्राप्त करना The children don’t take long to pick up what they see around.
Play down महत्व को कम करना Some newspapers played off the significance of disturbances in poland.
Play off एक दुसरे से भिड़ाना The crooked man played off the two friends against each other for his own benefit.
Play on बजाना Can you play on a violin?
Ply on शब्दों का होशियारी से प्रोयोग करना His skill to play on words makes him a very forceful speaker.
Play with छेड़खानी करना It is dangerous to play with fire.
Prevail over प्रभावित करना None of these considerations prevailed over his prejudices.
Prevail with मनाना He is a difficult person. So, i found difficult prevail with him.
Proceed against किसी के खिलाफ कार्येवाही करना I have decided to proceed against him in a court of law.
Provide against किसी बुरे दिन के लिए प्रबंध करना A wise man takes care to provide against emergencies.
Pull in आना The coolies started running towards the train as it pulled in.
Pull out चले जाना, निकलना At the guard’s signal the train pulled out of the station.
Pull through बच जाना Although he was seriously ill and doctors had given up hope he pulled through.
Pull together सहमत होना, मिलकर कार्य करना The partners of adarsh enterprise have been fighting together, if they manage to pull together they’ll succeed.
Pull up रुकना The taxi pulled up at the entrance of the hotel.
Push off चल पड़ना I’m getting quite late so i must push off now.
Push on कठिनाई से आगे बढ़ना He was exhausted and ill, but he pushed on.
Put across समझना, स्वीकृति देना He put across his arguments very eloquently and convincingly.
Put away किसी सही स्थान पर रख देना The workmen put away their tools and left the factory.
Put down दबाना The army easily put down the revolt.
Put forward विचारार्थ प्रस्तव रखना He put forward his suggestion for our consideration.
Put off स्थगित करना The match had to be put off because of bad weather.
Put on कपडे पहनना She put on her best dress for the party.
Put on दिखाना Don’t put on as if you don’t know anything.
Put out बुझना He put out the light and went to sleep.
Put out कष्ट पहुचना You should take care not to put out people by your irresponsible behavior.
Put out प्रकाशित करना The party put out a pamphlet to explain its economic policy.
Put right मरम्मत करना Ask the carpenter to put right this broken table.
Put together जोड़ना,इकट्ठा करना The child took the watch apart, but couldn’t put it together again.
Put up रहना, निवास करना Where should i put up in bombay?
Rail against शिकायत, भत्सर्ना करना It is useless railing against your master’s orders.
Rail at शिकायत करना He has always railed at his parents for not understanding him.
Rake up पुराना झगडा फिर से शुरू करना Please do not rake up old quarrels at this critical juncture.
Rank with समान होना There is scarcely any poet who can rank with kalidas.
Reason with तर्क करना,समझने की कोशिश करना I had to reason hard with him for my proposal’s acceptance.
Reckon on भरोसा रखना I was reckoning on her presence at the function.
Reflect on बुरा प्रभाव पड़ना Your misconduct will reflect on your character.
Relate to संबंधित होना Please get me the file that relates to this matter.
Resort to सहायता लेना As the crowd became unruly the police had to resort to lathi charge.
Rest on आधार रखना His whole theory rests on a wrong assumption.
Ride out तूफान से बचकर निकलना Fortunately our ship rode out the storm.
Root out उखाड़ फेकना, समूल नष्ट करना The government is determined to root out corruption.
Rout out जबरदस्ती बहार निकालना I routed him out of bed early in the morning.
Rule out निकाल देना, न मानना The police has ruled out the possibility of sabotage in this train accident?
Run across संयोग से मिलना अथवा पाना I was quite surprised to run across him in the market.
Run after पीछे दौड़ना Running after money does not speak well of you.
Run against चुनाव के खिलाफ खड़ा होना She run against her husband in the municipal elections.
Run down निचा दिखना Certain malicious reviewers will run down ever the best book ever written.
Run errands संदेशा पहुंचाना Ramesh is of obliging nature and runs errands for all the neighbors.
Run for चुनाव लड़ना He ran for president ship in the college elections.
Run into संयोग से मुलाकात होना I ran into an old friend yesterday at the cinema hall.
Run into अविवेक के कारण मोल देना If you spend your money so recklessly you will soon run into debt.
Run out खत्म होना We were afraid that we might run out of our food supply at the excursion.
Run over गाड़ी के निचे आना The unlucky dog was run over by a car.
Run short of समाप्त होना If we run short of food we will get more from some restaurant.
Run through जल्दी से देख लेना I had to run through the book in an hour.
Search out ढूंढ़ निकालना Our aim in this inquiry is to search out the truth.
See about प्रबंध करना I am badly tied up with other things so you will have to see about the catering arrangements at the party.
See off विदा करना I went to the airport to see off my friend who left for u.s.a. Last night.
See through कठिनाइयों के बावजूद संपन करना He saw through the entire job by himself.
See through भेद जान जाना He was trying to be clever, but i saw through his trick.
See to जिमेदारी लेना Will you please see to the catering arrangements for the function?
Seek out प्रयासपूर्वक ढूंढ निकालना Ramesh and vikas have gone to the nearby wood to seek put the place of rabbits.
Sell out मलकियत बेच देना He sold out his business as he could not make a profit.
Send away किसी को चलता करना He was becoming a nuisance, so i had to send him away.
Send for बुला भेजना She has fallen unconscious. Please send for a doctor immediately.
Send word सन्देश भेजना He sent word to me that he would come in a week’s time.
Serve out पुरे समय तक काम करना The apprentice has served out his period of apprenticeship so he is due for an increment.
Serve up परोसना She served up a tasty meal.
Set about कार्य आरम्भ करना As your examination is near you should set about your work without delay.
Set apart सुरक्षित करना One day in the week is set apart as the rest day.
Set aside रद्दो-बदल करना The supreme court set aside the verdict of the high court in bihari lal case.
Set down नोट करना The magistrate set down in writing the witness’ statement.
Set forth प्रस्तुत करना He set forth his views with clarity and force.
Set in आरंभ होना Just as i was about to go out. The rain set in.
Set off निकल पड़ना As we have to go a long distance we will set off early in the morning.
Set up प्रबंध करना The state government has set up a new auditorium at metha chowk to encourage performing arts.
Set upon हमला करना As the poor old beggar approached the corner house two dogs set upon him.
Set out निकल पड़ना He set out on his travels.
Set to कार्य आरम्भ करना You have a lot to do so you should set to work at once.
Settle down स्थायी रूप से निवास करना After retirement now i have settled down in delhi.
Settle on अनिश्चय के बाद किसी निष्कर्ष पर पहुंचना Finally, she settled on a blue sari.
Show off नुमाइश करना She went to the party as she was quite keen to show off her new dress.
Show up आ पहुंचना I have been waiting for him for more than an hour, but he has not yet shown up.
Show up पोल खोलना If he provokes me further. I will have to show him up.
Shut in अन्दर बंद रखना As night came the shepherd shut his flock of sleep in.
Shut off कोई यंत्र बंद कर देना There appeared to be some trouble with his car so he shut off its engine.
Shut up जबरदस्ती चुप कराना As the boy was chattering a lot the teacher asked him to shut up.
Side with पक्ष लेना No matter what happens i will always side with you.
Sit out समाप्त होने तक बेठे रहना I sat out his long lecture.
Sit up उठ बैठना The poor old man was too weak to sit up.
Sleep off सोकर ताजगी प्राप्त करना I was exhausted after the day’s wok so i decided to sleep off my fatigue.
Slow down धीरे-धीरे गति कम करना The train slowed down as it approached the station.
Smart under अपमान अथवा दुर्वचन सहना The clerk was smarting under the officer’s rebuke.
Snap at उत्सुकता से स्वीकारना He snapped at the offer i made to him.
Speak up जोर से बोलना As the audience could not hear the speaker it requested him to speak up.
Spell out बिस्तर से बताना He spelt out his treking plan in detail and asked me to accompany him.
Stamp out दबा देना The government tried its best to stamp out the rebellion.
Stand against प्रतिकार करना Parashuram was so powerful that no king could stand against him.
Stand by इंतजार करना Please stand by for an important announcement.
Stand for प्रतिनिधित्व करना The stars in the american flag stand for fifty states.
Stand for चुनाव लड़ना My uncle stood for chairmanship of the municipality.
Stand for बर्दाश्त करना I will not stand for such a rude behavior.
Stand out ध्यान आकर्षित करना She stood out in the crowd because of her beauty.
Stand up सहन करना How can you stand up to such tremendous pressure of work?
Start for चल पड़ना When did he start for bombay?
Stay up रुके रहना I had to finish with some work last night so i stayed up till one o’ clock.
Stay with किसी के साथ रहना When you come to bombay, please stay with me.
Step down पद छोड़ना Next month our company’s president will step down in favour of his son.
Step up गति बढ़ाना I stepped up the speed of my car.
Stick around उसी स्थान पर बने रहना After dinner we requested our guest to stick around for the movie on the tv.
Stick at हिचकिचाना He will stick at nothing to fulfill his ends.
Stick by साथ देना Stick by your friends in their difficulty.
Stick out बाहर निकालना I went to the doctor with a stomach complaint and he asked me to stick out my tongue.
Stick to एक ही बात पर डटे रहना Despite interrogation he stuck to his story till the end.
Stir up उकसाना, उतेजित करना He tried to stir up trouble between the management and the workers.
Stop short अचानक रुकना He was talking about naresh, but suddenly stopped short as he saw him coming.
Strike down अवैध घोषित करना The court struck down the government’s ordinance as unconstitutional.
Strike off सूची निकालना At the last moment something came into her mind and she struck off his name from the list of invites.
Strike up संगीत शुरू करना At the end of the programme the band struck up the national anthem.
Strike work हडताल करना The factory workers struck work to demand higher wages.
Subscribe to किसी विचार से सहमत होना Do you subscribe to the philosophy of karma?
Subsist on जीवन निर्वाह करना The sadhu subsisted on nuts and roots for many weeks.
Succeed to किसी के बाद पदासीन होना The prince will succeed to the king’s death.
Sue for न्यायालय में हक़ मांगना As he developed after operation complication he sued the verma nursing home for damages to the extent of ten thousand rupees.
Take after समान दिखना She has taken after her mother.
Take apart पुर्जे अलग करना, कोई यंत्र खोलना Can you take apart a watch?
Take down लिख लेना Take down carefully whatever i say.
Take for समझ बैठना I took him for a doctor.
Take in धोखा देना, धोखा खाना He tried to play a trick on me, but i couldn’t be taken in.
Take off कपडे उतारना He took off his coat.
Take off उड़ान भरना He watched the plane take off.
Take on नोकरी पर रखना They are taking on many new workers at that factory.
Take over जिम्मेदारी संभालना After the chairman retried the managing director took over as the new chairman.
Take over अधिकार ज़माना They defeated the enemy and took over the fort.
Take place घटित होना Where did the meeting take place?
Take to आकर्षित होना I took to anil right from the very beginning.
Take turns बारी-बारी से कोई काम करना During the trip jeevan and i took turns at car driving.
Take up पठाई आरम्भ करना After completing school he took up mechanical engineering.
Talk back बेअदबी से जवाब देना It is very rude to talk back to your elders.
Talk over विचार-विमर्श करना The committee is talking over our report.
Talk shop अपने काम के बारे में बातचित करना The two lawyers always talk shop.
Taste of वैसा ही स्वाद होना This coffee is no good it tastes of kerosene.
Tear down गिराना, नष्ट करना They brought bulldozers to tear down the building.
Tell against खिलाफ जाना The new evidence relating to this case tells against the accused.
Tell off भर्त्सना करना The headmaster told off the rowdy student.
Tell on चुगली करना It is unfair to tell on others.
Tell upon प्रभावित करना, दर्शाना You must not work so hard. It will tell upon your health.
Think of राय होना What did you think of the movie.
Think out सोच-समझ कर योजना बनाना They will have to think out some good idea to produce this kind of advertisement.
Think up सोचकर खोज निकालना You will have to think up a good excuse for delay.
Throw out नामंजूर करना, बाहर निकालना He was making a nuisance of himself, so he was thrown out of the lecture hall.
Throw up त्याग पत्र देना Why have you thrown up your job?
Tide over निभा लेना Will this amount enable you to tide over your financial difficulties?
Touch at बहुत थोड़े समय के लिए रुकना The rajdhani express between delhi and bombay touches at baroda.
Touch on संक्षेप में जिक्र करना Your lecture was illuminating but did not touch on the problem of casteism in the country.
Touch up थोडा ठीक करना The photographer touched up my photograph.
Trade in बदले में लेना-देना I traded in my old car for a new one.
Trade on फायदा उठाना I traded in his good nature to help me out of my financial difficulties.
Trifle with मजाक उड़ाना It is cruel to trifle with anybody’s feelings.
Trump up झूट-मूट बात करना The story you have trumped up is not all convincing.
Try on पहन कर देखना The tailor asked me to try on the coat.
Try out जाँच के लिए चलाकर देखना You should try out that tv set before you finally buy it.
Turn about उल्टी दिशा में मुंह करना The moment she saw him coming she turned about.
Turn against किसी के खिलाफ खड़े हो जाना We have been such good friends and i had no idea that he would turn against me.
Turn around पूरा घुमाना Being a novice he could not turn around the car in the narrow lane.
Turn aside मार्ग से विचलित होना Never turn aside from the path of truth.
Turn away officer.-वापिस भेजना He has turned away three applicants for the new post of purchase
Turn back पीछे हटना, हटाना Please turn back from the edge of the water.
Turn down इंकार करना I’m counting a lot on this so please do not turn down my request.
Turn down कम करना Please turn down the volume of the radio.
Turn in प्रस्तुत करना He turned in his answer paper and came out of the examination hall.
Turn on चलू करना Please turn on the light.
Turn out उत्पादन करना How many cars does this factory turn out every day?
Turn out सिद्ध होना To begin with he looked like any other carpenter, but later he turned out to be a very talented one.
Turn tail भाग जाना The enemy had to turn tail as it could not hold against the massive attack of our army.
Turn up अचानक आ पहुंचना Everybody was surprised to see him turn up at the meeting.
Turn up जाहिर होना Some interesting facts have turned up during the inquiry.
Used to आदत डालना I am quite used to driving in crowded places.
Use up प्रयोग कर खत्म करना Have you used up all the paper i had given you?
Wade into हमला करना Ram could not tolerate shaym’s insulting remark. He waded into him and knocked him down.
Wade through लंबा कम हाथ में लेना Today i have to wade through a lot of correspondence.
Wait for इंतजार करना I’ll wait for you at my office till you come.
Wait on सेवा करना, परोसना She waited on us efficiently.
Wash out धोकर निकाल देना Can this stain be washed out.
Watch over निगरानी करना, रक्षा करना The dog faithfully watched over his master’s sleeping child.
Wear off धुंधला पड़ना This color will wear off soon.
Wear out फेंकने लायक बनाना Constant use will wear out any machine.
While away समय नष्ट करना Get to work. Don’t while away your time in trifles.
Wind up खत्म करना, बंद करना Recurring losses compelled him to wind up his business.
Wind up घड़ी की चाबी देना I wound up my watch when i went to bed.
Wink at अनदेखी करना I can wink at his faults no longer.
Work away काम करते रहना He is a hardworking man. He can work away at his job for hours at a stretch.
Work into प्रयासपूर्वक अन्दर घुसना The miner’s drill worked into the hard rock.
Work open किसी तरीके से खोलना I had lost my suitcase’s key, but somehow i managed to work it open.
Work out सुलझाना, उतर ढूंढ़ निकालना Could you work out that problem?
Work up उत्तेजित करना Why are you so worked up?
Yield to स्वीकार करना, मान लेना It took me long persuade him to yield to my request.

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