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Through this post, we will know important and interesting facts related to Lalmohan Ghosh (लाल मोहन घोष) such as his personal information, education and career, achievement and awards and other information. Important facts related to Lalmohan Ghosh given here, have been collected from various sources, this will help you in preparing for competitive exams questions.

Brief information about Lalmohan Ghosh

NameLalmohan Ghosh (लाल मोहन घोष)
Date of Birth01 January 1849
Birth PlaceKrishnanagar, West Bengal
Death Aniversary18 October 1909
Father Name Ramlochan Ghosh
Achievement - First Indian man to contest for British Parliament
Profession / Countrymale / Lawyer, Politician / India

Lalmohan Ghosh (लाल मोहन घोष)

Lalmohan Ghosh was the sixteenth president and eminent Bengali barrister of the Indian National Congress and also the co-founder of the Indian National Congress.

Birth info about Lalmohan Ghosh

Lal Mohan Ghosh was born in 1849 in Krishnanagar, West Bengal, the second son of Ramlochan Ghosh.

Death info about Lalmohan Ghosh

Lalmohan Ghosh died on 18 October 1909 in Kolkata.

Education info of Lalmohan Ghosh

After passing the entrance examination in the first division, Ghosh left for England in 1869 to qualify as a barrister. He was admitted to the Middle Temple on 19 November 1870 and summoned to the bar on 7 June 1873 to join the Calcutta Bar in the same year. His elder brother Monomohan Ghosh was also a barrister and famous political personality of India.

Lalmohan Ghosh Career Info

After passing the first class entrance examination, he moved to England in the year 1869 to obtain the barrister-at-law qualification. In 1873, he joined the Calcutta Bar. Lalmohan Ghosh became the chief member of the British Indian Association and in 1879 he went to England to place the sufferings of Indians and their demands before the British public. In July 1880, along with Lord Harrington, he was a member of the Committee for Advocacy for raising the age limit in the Press Act and Arms Act and the Indian Civil Service Examination. In the year 1903, he was elected President at the Madras Session of the Indian National Congress. Their social and political ideals were mostly derived from the liberal humanism of Victorian England. In 1885, Ghosh stood as a liberal candidate for the newly created parliamentary constituency of Deptford, London. Although he was unsuccessful in his attempt, he became the first Indian to stand for election to the British Parliament. Lalmohan Ghosh's social and political views were largely inspired by the liberal humanism of Victorian England.

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