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Robert Peary Quick General Knowledge

NameRobert Peary (Robert Peary)
Real nameRobert Edwin Piri
Date of Birth06 May 1856
Birth PlaceCresson, United States
Date of death20 February 1920
Achievement1909 - First person to reach the North Pole
Profession / Countrymale / Explorer / India

Robert Peary - First person to reach the North Pole (1909)

Robert Peary was an American explorer exploring the North Pole. In 1877, he passed his graduation from Bowdoin College in Brunswick. In 1886, he studied the west coast of Greenland to search for poles. Piri joined the Navy in 1881 as a civil engineer. He was also considered to be the first Arctic explorer to study Inuit survival

Robert Peary was born on 06 May 1856 in Cresson, United States. His full name was Robert Edwin Pieri. He was born to Mary P. Leary. His father died after his birth, as a result of which he was raised by his mother.
Robert Pieri died February 20, 1920 (age 63) in Washington, DC U.S.
He attended a major boarding school called Loomis Schaaf. He studied at Bowdoin College, then after college, Pirie worked as a draftsman at the United States Coast and Geodetic Survey office in Washington, drawing technical drawings, D.C. He joined the United States Navy and 26 October 1881, commissioned as a civil engineer, holding the relative rank of lieutenant.

Robert Peary lived in main Friborg, from the years 1878 to 1879, and during his stay there, he climbed above Fryburg's Jockey Cap Rock and made a portrait drawing there. Robert Peary made his first expedition to the Arctic in the year 1886, in which he wanted to cross Greenland by a dog sled, for which his mother gave him about $ 500. In 1884, he also worked as an assistant engineer in the canal survey in Nicaragua and as its director between 1887-1888 AD.

The first time Robert Peary visited the Arctic in 1886, he returned much better prepared in 1891 and arriving at Independence Fjord (now known as Peary Land) proved that Greenland was an island. He was one of the first Arctic explorers to study Inuit survival techniques. In 1891, he was appointed the leader of the polar search expedition on behalf of the Philadelphia Natural Science Academy. In his 1898–1902 campaign, Perry set a new "Farthest North" record by reaching Cape Morris Jessup, Greenland's northernmost point.

Robert Peary made two more expeditions to the Arctic in 1905–1906 and 1908–1909. During the latter, he claimed to have reached the North Pole. He was promoted to the rank of Captain in the Navy on October 20, 1910. In 1892, he got information about the Eskimo people by going to the northeastern shore of the island of Greenland. In 1902, he became the commander of his party and went north with Henson and an Eskimo. He was also elected president of the American Geographical Society. He is most famous for claiming to have reached the geographical north pole with his expedition on 6 April 1909.

In 1906 he was awarded the 'Hubbard Medal' for the National Geographic Society. Robert Pieri received numerous awards from geographical societies during his lifetime, and received the thanks of Congress in 1911, and was promoted to Rear Admiral. He served two terms as president of The Explorers Club and retired to Eagle Island.

Robert Peary FAQs:

Robert Peary is to be known as the First person to reach the North Pole in 1909.

Robert Peary full name was Robert Edwin Piri.

Robert Peary died on 20 February 1920.

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