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Sanjay Gandhi Quick General Knowledge

NameSanjay Gandhi (Sanjay Gandhi)
Date of Birth14 December 1946
Birth PlaceDelhi (India)
Date of death23 June 1980
Monther & Father NameIndira Gandhi / Feroze Gandhi
Achievement1971 - Credit for bringing Maruti 800 into the country
Profession / Countrymale / Politician / India

Sanjay Gandhi - Credit for bringing Maruti 800 into the country (1971)

Sanjay Gandhi was a politician from India. He was the son of India's most influential personality, Prime Minister Indira Gandhi and Feroze Gandhi. In Indian politics, Sanjay Gandhi's name is recorded as a young leader, due to which many major changes took place in the country's politics. His role during the Emergency in India was very controversial.

Sanjay Gandhi was born on 14 December 1946 in Delhi (India). He was born in the Nehru Gandhi family, the largest political house in the country. His father's name was Feroze Gandhi and mother's name was Indira Gandhi. He was the youngest of his parents' third child, his elder brother's name was Rajiv Gandhi and elder sister's name was Indira Gandhi.
In 1977, some unidentified gunmen opened fire on his car, about 300 miles southeast of New Delhi, during the election campaign, but he was not killed. After that Sanjay Gandhi died of a head wound in a plane crash on 23 June 1980 near Safdarjung Airport in New Delhi.
Like his elder brother Rajiv Gandhi, Sanjay was educated at St. Columba's School, Delhi, and then Welham Boys' School, Dehradun. And further education also took place at an international boarding school in Ecole D'Humanité, Switzerland. Sanjay did not attend university, but took automotive engineering as a career. Perhaps he Was a favorite subject, and worked as an apprentice with Rolls-Royce in Crewe, England for three years. He was very interested in sports cars, and he earned a pilot license in 1976. He was also interested in aircraft acrobatics and won many awards in that sport. His elder brother Rajiv Gandhi was flying a Boeing 737-200ADV aircraft in Indian Airlines though. Sanjay was also close to his mother.
Sanjay Gandhi Born in the Nehru Gandhi family, the largest political house in the country, Sanjay Gandhi was the younger brother of former Prime Minister of India, Rajiv Gandhi. In the Emergency of 1975, Sanjay Gandhi proved to be the only force who showed courage to save the existence of the National Congress. Much has been written about Sanjay Gandhi's dictatorial attitude during the Emergency, hundreds of articles were written and books were written about the excesses of his friends and Youth Congress workers. The credit of bringing the Maruti 800, called the car of the common man of the country, goes to Sanjay Gandhi. Till now the only biography of Sanjay Gandhi has been written titled "The Sanjay Story" and its author - Senior journalist Vinod Mehta. Sanjay Gandhi wanted to become an automobile engineer from the beginning as he was very fond of cars and went to England to do a three-year internship with the Rolls-Royce company. The sterilization program in India also took place under his government, which was run to implement the family planning program strictly. His wife's name was Maneka, who was a model, she was part of an advertisement for the famous brand Bombay Dyeing and has a son named Varun Gandhi.

Sanjay Gandhi FAQs:

Sanjay Gandhi is to be known as the Credit for bringing Maruti 800 into the country in 1971.

Sanjay Gandhi died on 23 June 1980.

Sanjay Gandhi father name was Feroze Gandhi.

Sanjay Gandhi mother name was Indira Gandhi.

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