Human Geography of India: In this Chapter you will read about Important Topics related to Human Geography of India. Before reading the human geography of India, you need to know what is human geography? In Answer to this, Human Geography is a Major Branch of Geography, under which the relationship with the Environment is studied from the origin of man till the present time. Which means here you will read in detail about subjects like Economic Geography, Political Geography, Population Geography, Cultural Geography and Agricultural Geography sub-topics of Human geography of India.

Human Geography of India (14 LESSONS)

List of the Indian Cities on River Banks: Check the full list of Major Indian Cities on River Banks, List of Indian cities on river banks, Indian rivers play a considerable role in the lives of the Indian people as they

Names of major Hill Cities of India and their Altitude: Here is the general information about the Names, Height and state of the major Hill Cities of India.

Geographical Names of Indian Cities & States: Here you Know about Geographical Names of Indian cities has been given. Eg: Manchester of India - Ahmedabad, Sorrow of Bihar - Ajmer etc.

Famous Cities of India and the world situated on the Banks of Rivers: Names of those rivers and related countries like: London city of England is situated on the banks of river Thames, Berlin city of Germany is situated on the banks of river Spree.

List of Major Rivers of India: Ancient and Modern names of Rivers of India, Tributaries, Flow area, Rivers originating from Himalayas etc.The Ganges is the longest river in India with a total length of 2510 km.

Let us know through the types of coal and read the list of coal producing states in India how coal is produced like coal, uses different strata groups of coal.

Major Places/Monuments of India and its Architects: Here is a list of major places, monuments of India and the names of the people who built them.

List of Major Tribes of India: Know India State wise Major Tribes and Tribals. Kind for Infromation According to the 2011 census, Madhya Pradesh has the Largest Tribal Population in India.

List of Major Port Names of India: Major ports of India include Kolkata, Chennai, Cochin, Nhava Sheva, Kandla, Marmugao, Mumbai, New Mangalore, Paradip, Tuticorin, Visakhapatnam and Port Blair.

Important Conventions and Agreements related to Environment and Environmental policies and Laws: In 1972, the United Nations organized the First environmental conference of all the countries of the world in Stockholm (Sweden) as the International Environmental Consciousness Conference.

List of Imporant River valley projects: Here the name of the major multipurpose river valley projects of India is given on which river and their benefits. Know what is a multipurpose project?

Read Importance of Agriculture in Indian Economy, History of Agriculture in India, Features of Indian Agriculture, Major crops of India like Rice Crop, Wheat Crop, Jowar Crop, Millet Crop etc. Get important information about crops.

Let us know the list of major wildlife conservation projects of India, major wildlife conservation projects of India, Wildlife Protection Act 1972, Crime and Criminal Law etc.

List of Biggest, Smallest, Longest and Tallest in India: Know the important general information related to the biggest, smallest, tallest, tallest, deepest, big, tallest in India. Like India's largest railway station platform is Gorakhpur railway station platform.


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