Human Geography of World: In this Chapter you will read about Important Topics related to Human Geography of World. Before reading the human geography of World, you need to know what is human geography? In Answer to this, Human Geography is a Major Branch of Geography, under which the relationship with the Environment is studied from the origin of man till the present time. Which means here you will read in detail about subjects like Economic Geography, Political Geography, Population Geography, Cultural Geography and Agricultural Geography sub-topics of Human geography of World.

Human Geography of World (9 LESSONS)

Famous Cities of India and the world situated on the Banks of Rivers: Names of those rivers and related countries like: London city of England is situated on the banks of river Thames, Berlin city of Germany is situated on the banks of river Spree.

List of major straits of the world: Know what is a water strait? Commercial and strategic importance of Strait and Messina Strait Mediterranean Sea Italy-Sicily etc.

Geographical Discoveries and their Discoverers: In this chapter general knowledge about the world's major geographical discoveries and the people who discovered them is given. Know when and who discovered India and other countries of the world.

List of Mineral and Most producing Countries of the world: Read What are Minerals? Definition of Mineral, Classification of Minerals and Know Names of Major minerals of the world and their most productive countries

Major Waterfalls of the World 2023: Know World's Famous Waterfalls, their country and height. Waterfalls are major erosional landforms created by flowing water (rivers). Did you know Which is the highest waterfall in the world?

Popular Geographical Nicknames of major Countries and Cities of the world: Country of Sunrise - Japan, Country of Lily - Canada, Britain of South - New Zealand are many countries. Whom people know by their geographical surname.

List of Major Canals of World and the Places connected by them: Major Canals of the World, Location and Name of Country, Canal is a human-made structure for water transport and transfer. Canals are not natural, they are Man-made.

Important International Border Lines of the World: Know the names of the Major International Border lines of the world and important facts related to them.

List of Biggest, Smallest,Tallest, Highest in the World [2023]: Here is a list of 70 Smallest, Biggest, Tallest and Highest things in the world. Know Tallest, Highest, Smallest and Biggest around the World.


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