Physical Geography of India: In this Chapter you will read about the Important Topics related to Human Geography of India. Before reading the physical geography of India, you need to know what is physical geography? In this Answer, Physical geography is the branch of natural science which deals with the processes and patterns in the Natural environment such as the Atmosphere, Hydrosphere, Biosphere, and Geosphere.

Physical Geography of India (15 LESSONS)

Let us know the names of the main islands of the world, their location and area list, definition of island or what is an island called? How many types of islands are there? Islands of India etc.

Let us know what is a volcano? Types of Volcanoes, Causes of Volcanoes, Effects of Volcanoes, and List of Major Active Volcanoes in the World. A volcano is a place on the earth, from where the molten rock, which is called magma, located at the very bottom of the earth.

let's know interesting information about clouds, what are clouds called?, how are clouds formed?

List of Major Waterfalls of India 2023: Know Major waterfall Name of India, their Origin, Associated River, Height and Types of Waterfalls. Also Read What is waterfall called? How do waterfalls originate? and More.

List of National Sanctuaries and Parks in India: Know List of National Parks and National Sanctuaries in India, What is Sanctuary and National Park?, Did you know India's First National park was in 1936 - Hailey National Park.

Major lakes of India in 2023: Know Which are the major Lakes in India, How many types of Lakes are found in India? and State wise major Lakes of India and Read about Types of lakes in india etc.

Classification of Lgneous Rocks and Sedimentary Rocks: In this chapter, General knowledge about the meaning of Rock and Classification of Rocks is given.

List of Imporant Passes of India 2023: In this chapter general knowledge information related to the Names of major Passes of India, their location with important facts is given. The Highest Pass in India is the Karakoram Pass in the state of Jammu and Kashmir.

Let us know the composition, composition, main 5 layers and main gas, what is the atmosphere called? Layers of the atmosphere, such as troposphere, stratosphere, mesosphere, thermosphere, exosphere etc.

Let us know what is called the climate, types of Indian climate, the main factors affecting the Indian climate, the major seasons of India, what is the monsoon? About the main causes of monsoon origin, important facts related to monsoon and other important facts related to climate.

Soils of India: This chapter gives important information about the names, types and chemical composition of the major soils found in India.

Let us know soil erosion- types, causes, causes, side effects, remedies, protection etc. Know what is soil erosion, what are the measures to prevent it, what are its causes and what are the measures to protect it.

Major Mountain Peaks and Range of the world: List of World's Major Peaks and Range in the World, their Countires and Important Facts. Did you Know In which country is Mount Everest located?

List of Major Dams of India 2023: Know the names of major 27 dams of India and important general knowledge information about the states. The tallest dam in India is the Tehri Dam across the Bhagirathi River in Uttarakhand with a height of 857 feet (260.5 m).

Essay on Environmental Pollution: Let us come to know about the types of Environmental pollution, Major Causes and Effects, Environmental Problems and their solutions and Measures to prevent Environmental pollution and General knowledge about important facts related to them.


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