Battle of Marathon

Battle of Marathon:

When and between whom was the Battle of Marathon fought?

Battle of Marathon 490 BC The place called Marathon took place between the Greek army chief Miltiades and the Persian head of state Darius. Greece was victorious in the Marathon war and the Persian army had to face defeat. A soldier ran a marathon for the first time to report this incident.

History of the Battle of Marathon:

The Battle of Marathon 490 BC It took place in the field of Marathon between Greece and Persia. Darius was the king of Persia. He was very mighty. His kingdom extended from the Aegean Sea in the west, to the Indus River in the east, and from the Scythian plains in the north to the Nile of Egypt in the south.

Reasons for the Battle of Marathon:

His empire, Lipsa, was increasing day by day. When he sent a message of subjugation to the Greeks on the western edge of Asia, known as the Ionians, the people of Thebes and Aegina accepted, but the peoples of Athens and Sparta protested. Then Darius attacked Greece with a heavy navy. Thus began the Battle of Marathon.

Result of Marathon War:

During the Marathon War, the Iranian army also conquered the islands that came in the way, came to Yubia, surrounded Eritrea and set it on fire. Then put a halt in the field of Maratham. The Greeks of Platica sent a message of cooperation to Sparta. The messenger reached 150 miles in 48 hours. Then the Greek army of 11000, with the support of Sparta, and under the able leadership of the talented Miltiades, badly defeated the Persian army of 20,000.

Important Facts about the Marathon War Breast Exam:

  • Athens: Athens, also known as Athena, is the capital and largest city of the European country of Greece.
  • Nile: The longest river in the world is the Nile, which originates from Lake Victoria in Africa, crossing the eastern part of the vast Sahara desert and descends into the Mediterranean Sea in the north.
  • Persia: Persia is called the center of many empires of ancient times, which spread from modern Iran and its adjoining areas.
  • Egypt: The Arab Republic of Egypt, officially the Arab Republic, is a country, although much of it lies in North Africa, while its Sinai Peninsula forms a land bridge in southwest Asia.
  • Greece: Greece or Greece is a country located in the continent of Europe.
  • Indus River: Indus Indus flowing in Pakistan is the largest river of Pakistan.
  • Sparta or Lasdemos: was a major city-state of ancient Greece, situated on the banks of the Eurotus River in Laconia, south-eastern Peloponnese.

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