Read List of major rebellions in India and the world e.g. 12 May 1588 An apparently spontaneous mass revolt against Henry's liberal policies, radicalized in Paris.

29 June 1444Albanian, led by Skanderbeg, revolted for a spectacular victory against the Ottoman Empire.
17 May 1521The English Raees Edward Stafford, whose father was arrested for revolt against King Richard III, was convicted of treason against Raja Henry VIII.
06 March 1712The slave revolt began in New York City.
07 March 1723The Revolt of Maupré 1723 began in Chile.
29 November 1729Natched Indians suddenly revolted against the French colonists, who were near Natashez-Day in America's Mississippi, killing more than 240 people.
05 December 1746There was a revolt in Genoa against Spanish rule.
08 May 1773In Egypt, the Ottoman rebels revolted, killing Ali Bay, the Malluk Sultan of Egypt.
04 February 1787Shesh 'failed in the revolt of Massachusetts.
02 September 1792The French revolution-a huge fear that foreigners would attack Paris and revolt prisoners, thousands of people were briefly executed.
01 January 1804Haiti gained independence from France and became the first black republic, which led to the only successful slave revolt.
10 July 1806Indian soldiers revolted against the East India Company when they were in Vellore Fort and killed or injured 200 British soldiers.
10 July 1806The Vellore Rebellion was the first revolt by the Indian soldiers against the East India Company.
08 January 1811The German Coast Uprising, the largest slave revolt in United States history, took place in Louisiana.
11 September 1817The Great Revolt of 1817–18 began in Sri Lanka.
24 August 1820A constitutional revolt ended in Oporto Portugal.
10 May 1833Le Wan Khoi got out of jail and rebel Emperor Minh M. Revolt against NG, mainly to avenge the change of the grave of the former Vicearayoy of Vietnam of his adopted father Le Wan Van Duti
12 May 1839The socialist activist Luis Augusti Blaqui and the Sएtete des Sassons launched a revolt against the French government.
22 May 1841Revolt in Guria in 1841: The Georgia province of Guria started a revolt against the Russian Empire.
29 March 1857In Barrackpore Cantonment near Kolkata, soldier Mangal Pandey opened the first shot and started a rebellion against the British Empire. This was the first rebellion in India against the British rule, called the military revolt.
23 August 1896In the city of Quizone in the modern period, Andres Bonifesio and his Katipun Comrade revolted against the Spanish rule, marking the beginning of the Philippine Revolution.
11 December 1905In support of the December rebellion in Moscow, the Council ofworkers of Kiev's depot revolted on a large scale, established the Republic of Shuliavaka in the city.
25 July 1909Workers started a revolt in the city of Barcelona.
22 November 1910Brazilian warships Minus Garas, Sao Paulo, Bahia's team - all of which were commissioned only months ago - and many small warships revolted who were known as Lash in the language of rebellion.
03 August 1916The Irish nationalist Sir Roger case was hanged in London's Pentonville Jail on charges of treason for his role in Easter Rising, revolting from Britain to win Irish independence.
09 July 1932The Brazilian's federal government rebelled the state of Sao Paulo. It launched the constitutional revolution in Brazil. The incident occurred when the Gateuelo class forcibly declared himself the President of Brazil. Local people of the state revolted against it and thus started a constitutional revolution.
07 October 1944Holocaust-Jews used to work in the member-achvitz of the Sonderkomando-they came to know that he was being murdered, revolted, arranged to kill more than 70 SS men before insulting themselves.
22 April 1945About 600 prisoners of the Jaisenkov concentration camp in the independent state Croatia revolted, but only 80 managed to escape while the other 520s were killed by the Croatian Swastai regime.
19 September 1955The Argentine army and navy revolted and removed President Juan Perón.
14 July 1958The revolt of General Abdul Karim in Iraq was followed by the end of the monarchical system and the establishment of democracy.
26 September 1960The monarchical rule of northern Yemen ended. On this day, the army commander Abdullah Sallal brought an end to the monarchical governance by a military revolt, after which democracy was established.

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Global Rebellion FAQs:

Begum Hazrat Mahal led the Revolt of 1857 (Indian War of Independence) from the city of Lucknow. She was influential in the civil and social forums of Lucknow and was able to take active action as required during the rebellion.

The war criminals of World War II were tried in the city of Nuremberg. Nuremberg is a city on the Battenberg hills in Germany, where the trial was held.

The rebellion is known by many names: Sepoy Mutiny (by British historians), Indian Mutiny, Great Mutiny (by Indian historians), Revolt of 1857, Indian Mutiny and First War of Independence led by Vinayak Damodar Savarkar.

The Chinese Revolution of 1911 resulted in the end of China's last dynasty (the Ching dynasty) and the formation of the Republic of China. China was ruled by the Manchu people for the last three hundred years, which came to an end.

The main reason for the rebellion of the Revolution of 1857 was the new "coarse cartridge" given to the soldiers. Pig and cow fat was applied to these new cartridges, which was put into the guns only after tearing them from the mouth.

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