Read the list of major historical treaties in India and world history. India and World History Many famous wars were fought sometimes for property, sometimes for the throne and sometimes among themselves. After these wars, many war treaties have also taken place from time to time. Major Historical Treaties of the World in Hindi.

11 October 1142The Treaty of Schoxing ending the Jurken campaigns against the Song Dynasty was formally confirmed when a messenger visited the Southern Song Court.
23 June 1314The first war of Scottish independence: Banockburn battle began. The first war of Scottish independence was the initial chapter of the series of series during the period of invasion of England between English and Scotland forces, with the Treaty of Edinburgh-Northampton in 1328 with the Treaty of Scottish freedom. , In fact, independence was established in the Battle of Banocburn in 1314.
12 August 1323The Republic of Sweden and Novgorod signed the Treaty of Noteburgato temporarily ending the Swedish-Novgorodian wars.
25 September 1340England and France signed the disarmament treaty.
12 October 1398The Grand Duke Viyatutas of Lithuania, the Great and Tutonic Nights Grand Master Konrad Von Jungingan signed the Treaty of Salinas, the third attempt to hand over Samogitia to the Nights.
27 September 1422The Treaty of the Melno was signed, establishing the Polician-Lithuanian border, which remained unchanged for 500 years later.
29 August 1475Following the invasion of England and Burgundy, France entered into a treaty with England, with Lewis XI to free from Charles Bold, Duke of Bargandi to deal with the danger generated by Duke of Bargandi.
25 November 1491The Rickonquista-Greenada War was effectively introduced with the signing of the Grenada Treaty between Castill-Aragon and the Emirates of Grenada.
06 June 1520France and England signed the Treaty of Scotland.
06 July 1560Scotland and England formally signed Lith's siege on the Treaty of Edinburgh and replaced the Scottish-French Audialian.
27 February 1560The Treaty of Berwick was signed, setting the terms under which an English fleet and army could enter Scotland to expel French troops defending the Regency of Mary of Guise .
22 May 1629Ferdinand II, Holy Roman Emperor, and the Danish king Christian IV sign the Treaty of Lübeck, ending Danish intervention in the Thirty Years' War.
12 September 1635Sweden and Poland signed a cease-fire treaty.
20 August 1641England and Scotland signed the 'Pact of Treaty'.
24 October 1648Second Treaty of Westphalia of peace, the Treaty of Munster, the Treaty of Munter, which was ending both the thirty -year war and the Dutch rebellion, and the Republic of the seven joint Netherlands and the Swiss Union as independently independent states. Was recognizing it on the same way.
20 July 1654Portugal came under England under the Anglo-Portugal Treaty.
27 July 1655The Netherlands and Brandenburg signed the military treaty.
03 May 1660Sweden, Polar and Austria signed the Olva peace deal. The Treaty or Peace of Oliva was one of the peace treaties that ended the Second Northern War (1655–1660). The Treaty of Oliva in the same year, and the Treaty of Copenhagen, and the Treaty of Cardis in the following year marked the high point of the Swedish Empire.
23 April 1660The Oliva Treaty was agreed between Sweden and Poland.
27 April 1662The Netherlands and France signed a military treaty.
01 June 1670King Charles II of England, King Charles II of France and King Louis XIV of France signed the anti-Dutch secret treaty.
11 July 1673A defense treaty was signed between the Netherlands and Denmark.
19 February 1674The Third Anglo-Dutch War ended with the signing of the Treaty of Westminster, with England regaining New York, and the Netherlands taking Suriname.
27 October 1676Poland and Turkey signed the Treaty of Versailles.
29 May 1677The Treaty of Central Plantation established peace among Virginia colonists and local origin inhabitants. The treaty nominated those who were signed as "Assistant Tribes (s), ", which means that they their motherland regions, hunting and fishing rights, right to keep and holding weapons and other colonial He used to guarantee security, until he maintained obedience and subjugation. English Empire.
20 September 1697The Treaty of Rhineswick was signed between France and Grandalan, which ended the nine -year war.
26 January 1699The signing of the Treaty of Karlowitz to conclude the Austro-Ottoman War marked the end of Ottoman control in much of Central Europeand the rise of the Habsburg Monarchy as the dominant power in theregion.
13 July 1700The Russian-Turkish War took place after the Treaty of Constantinople established peace.
08 August 1700Denmark and Sweden signed the peace treaty.
27 December 1703England and Portugal signed treaty on Methuin Ascento trade agreement.

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Historical Treaties FAQs:

The Treaty of Versailles took place on 28 June 1919 after the First World War. This treaty was signed at the site of the Prithviraj Chauhan University in the city of Versailles and is also known as the Treaty of Versailles.

The Treaty of Paris, which recognized the independence of the United States, was signed on September 3, 1783. The treaty marked the end of the American Revolutionary War and established the terms of peace between Britain and the newly formed United States.

Skanda sandhi (joint) is core-sandhi. Core joints are a type of joint that act like a gate joint, allowing the bone to move back and forth in one direction with limited range of motion along other planes.

The last Peshwa Baji Rao II had to accept British supremacy as per the Treaty of Vasai (31 December 1802); According to the treaty of 13 June 1817, he had to give up his authority over the Maratha Empire.

On 17 May 1782, Scindia got the Treaty of Salbai between the Peshwa and the British after long negotiations between the representatives of the Maratha Empire and the British East India Company to end the First Anglo-Maratha War.

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