Medieval World History: In this Chapter you will Read about Important Topics related to Medieval History of the World. Medieval History of World is made by adding the Medieval History of all Countries of the world, Here you will know Medieval Human History of the world. Medieval World History is known in countries other than Europe as the post-classical period. The term Medieval is used only by the countries of Europe. The Middle Ages or medieval period lasted from approximately the end of the 5th century to the end of the 15th century.

Medieval World History (9 LESSONS)

History of Major World Wars, History of World War I: This chapter covers when the major world wars happened, why they happened, what were the reasons for it and most importantly what were the results of the First World War. All this has been explained in detail.

List of Wars of the world: In this chapter, information has been given about the name, when and between whom of the major wars in the history of the world. For example: In 490 AD, there was a war of Marathon between the Iranians and the Greeks.

The difference between any two concepts, subjects, groups of people, sections, etc. has always been a matter of curiosity for many inquisitive minds. Keeping such an aspect in mind, this article has been talked about in different types of articles related to history.

Important persons of history and their works: In this chapter, information has been given about the names of prominent persons of India and world history and their main works.

List of names and important facts of major foreign travelers visiting India, History of Ancient India – Major foreign travelers, writers and their introduction.

Read List of major rebellions in India and the world e.g. 12 May 1588 An apparently spontaneous mass revolt against Henry's liberal policies, radicalized in Paris.

Read the list of major historical treaties in India and world history. India and World History Many famous wars were fought sometimes for property, sometimes for the throne and sometimes among themselves. After these wars, many war treaties have also taken place from time to time. Major Historical Treaties of the World in Hindi.

Important books written in world history and their author's names are books such as Mahatma Gandhi's Conquest of the Shelf, My Experiments with Truth, Hind Swaraj, India of My Dreams. And Munshi Premchand has written Rangbhoomi, Godan, important books.

Let us know the present names of the major countries of the world, such as the ancient name of Iran was Persia. The ancient name of France was Gaul.


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