National Animals of Major Countries:

Many species of animals are found in India and in different countries of the world. You can easily see more than 25% of these animals in land, dense forest and water. Many countries of the world are identified on the basis of their national animals. Many species of animals are found in India, including elephant, rhinoceros, leopard, bear, gaur, nilgai, buffalo, donkey, gharial, cat, crocodile, deer, jackal, hyena, dog, wolf, pig, Nilgiri tahr, lion, fox , Langur, Udbilao, Mongoose, Panda, Horse, Camel and Reindeer etc. are included. There are about 400 national parks in the country, which are ideal habitats for many wild species and some huge wild animals.

The national animal of India is the tiger (Royal Bengal Tiger), which is known for its strength, beauty, courage and growl. Apart from India, the Royal Bengal Tiger is also the national animal of the neighboring country Bangladesh. These tigers are found in India, Nepal, Bhutan and Bangladesh. This king of the jungle is battling poaching today. Due to poaching happening all over the world, many species of animals have become extinct and some are on the verge of extinction. Through this chapter you will get to know about the national animals of different countries of the world.

List of national animals of major countries of the world:

Country Name National Animal
Afghanistan Marco Polo Sheep
Argentina Puma
Ireland Irish Wolfhound, Red Deer
England lion, bulldog
Indonesia Komodo dragons
Israel Hupu
Iraq Komodo Dragon
Australia kangaroo
Canada North American beaver
Colombia Andean Condor
Cuba Cuban alligator
Great Britain lion
Chile Andean Huamul
China Chinese dragon and giant panda
Germany Baz (in Adler-German)
Japan Pheasant
Zimbabwe Sable Antelope
Jordan Oryx
Denmark lion
Taiwan Formosan black bear
Thailand Thai elephant
South Africa Springbok Antelope
South Korea Korean lion
Netherlands lion
Nepal Cow
Norway lion
New Zealand kiwi
Pakistan Markhor (species of goat)
Portugal Gallo de Barcelas
Poland White eagle
Finland Brown bear
France Gallic rooster
Bangladesh Bagh (Bengal Tiger)
Bulgaria lion
Belgium lion
Bolivia llama
Brazil Shy Jaguar
India Bagh (Bengal Tiger)
Bhutan Takin - Tibetan deer-like animal
Malaysia Malaysian tiger
Egypt Steppe Eagle
Mexico Shy Jaguar
Macedonia Lynx (wild cat)
Myanmar Tiger
Russia Eurasian brown bear
Romania Lynx (wild cat)
Vietnam Tiger, Water Buffalo and Dragon
Sri Lanka lion
United States of America American Bison
Cyprus Mouflon sheep
Singapore lion
Scotland Unicorn and Lion
Spain Bull

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