National symbols, emblems and important information related to different countries: In this post the symbols of national identity of the major countries of the world have been introduced. These symbols are a fundamental part of the identity and heritage of the countries of the world. People from different backgrounds settled all over the world take pride in these national symbols as they inculcate a sense of pride and patriotism in the heart of every countryman.

List of national symbols of major countries of the world:-

Country National emblem
Australia Kangaroo
India Ashoka Chakra
Canadian White lily
Iran Rose flower
Pakistan Moon Star
UK Rose flower
Nepal Khukri
Japan Chrysanthemum
Belgian lion
Israeli Candelabrum
Lebanon Cedar Tree
New Zealand Kiwi
Sri Lanka Lion
Turkish Moon and Star
United States of America Golden Rod
Denmark Beach
Germany Corn Flower
Italy White lily
Spain Bird
France Lille
Ireland Shamrock
Russian Sickle hammer
Bangladesh Water lily
Hong kong Bahnia
Netherlands Lion
Norway Lion
Ivory coast Elephant

FAQ = What is the national symbol of Bangladesh? The national symbol of Bangladesh is the water lily. What is the national emblem of England? The national symbol of England is the red rose. What is the national symbol of Japan? The national symbol of Japan is the chrysanthemum. What is the national symbol of Denmark? The national symbol of Denmark is the beach?

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National Emblem FAQs:

The symbol of the World Wildlife Fund is a panda. The sign depicts a large black and white panda with its palm facing up. The panda sign is recognized worldwide as a symbol of the endangered panda and environmental issues outside.

Kangaroo is the symbol of Australia. It is a medium- to large-sized marsupial animal characterized by its ability to leap with its large hindlimbs with well-developed hind legs.

The white flag has been a symbol of peace, purity and harmony. There is a history of using the white flag to signify the surrender of one side on the battlefield.

It was a turning point in Russian history, as it marked the end of the Russian monarchy and the beginning of a new era characterized by the principles of communism and proletarian revolution.

The symbol "Ѱw" is used to denote water potential in plant-water relations. Water potential is a measure of the potential energy of water in a system and reflects the tendency of water to move from one place to another.

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