Here is a list of the names and achievements of the first famous women in the world, who first established their dominance in the world. Women of the world have made their valuable contribution in various fields of the world like:- History, Sociology, Literature, Sports, Politics, Awards and Honors, Entertainment, Sectors. Based on the first ladies in the world some questions are asked in every exam, so it is very important for your preparation for all types of exams. Let us know about the names and achievements of the first 111 famous women in the same world:-

List of First Ladies in the World:

Achievement Name
First woman bowler to take 300 wickets in international cricket Jhulan Goswami (11 September 2018)
First woman independent director of International Cricket Council (ICC) Indra Nooyi (09 February 2018)
Female player to take 200 wickets in One Day (ODI) international cricket Jhulan Goswami (February, 2018)
First black woman to win Wimbledon Althea Gibson
First woman President of "The Leadership Conference on Civil and Human Rights" Vanitha Gupta (March, 2017)
First female cricketer to score a century in 4 consecutive ODIs Amy Satterthwaite, New Zealand (February 26, 2017)
First woman to score double century in ODI cricket Belinda Clark, Australia
First woman Chief Justice of the High Court of Australia Suzanne Kiefel (January 31, 2017)
First woman to reach Antarctica Carolyn Mickelson
First teacher in space Sherin Krista Mecolin Mickelson
First woman in space Belentina Tereshkova (Russia)
Nepal's first female president Bidya Devi Bhandari (28 October 2015)
First woman to walk in space Svetlana Sevitskaya
First woman judge of the International Court of Justice Rosaline Higgins (UK)
First female referee appointed for international football competitions linda blake
First Lady of American Theater Helen Hedge
America's first female pilot Callie Flynn
First female pilot of the US Space Shuttle Eileen Collins (USA)
First female speaker of the US House of Representatives Nancy Pelosi (January 2007)
Argentina's first elected female president Christina Fernandes de Kirchner (October 2007)
Iceland's first female president Vigdis Finnabogadottir (1980)
First female president of ireland Mary Robison (1990)
First woman swimmer to swim across the English Channel Untrue adderly
First clergyman of the Church of England Angola buzzers wilson
First female prime minister of england Margaret Thatcher (1979)
Ecuador's first female president Rosalia Arteaga (1997)
Israel's first female prime minister Golda Meyer (1969)
For the first time in history the world's first Miss America deaf beauty Heather Honeystone
First woman to reach the north pole Miss Fran Phipps
First American woman to conquer the North Pole N. bankraf
First female bishop appointed by the Episcopal Church in America Reverend Marie Adelier
First woman to climb Everest Junko Tebi (Japan)
The first woman to reach the summit of Everest four times LKPA Sherpa
The first woman in Asia to be awarded the Williams Fulbright Prize Corjon Aquino (Philippines)
First female player to win gold medal in Olympic Games Margaret Abbott (USA)
Canada's first female prime minister Kim Campbell (1993)
First elected female president of an African country and Liberia Ellen Johnson Sirleaf (January 16, 2006)
First female prime minister of a Muslim country Benazir Bhutto (Pakistan)
First Woman President of Non-Aligned Movement S. Bhandaranaike (Sri Lanka)
Guan's first female prime minister Janet Jagen (1997)
Chile's first female president Michelle Bachelet (January 2006)
Germany's first female chancellor Angela Merkel (November 22, 2005)
Japan's first female speaker of the Lower House of Representatives Takko doi
Japan's first female astronaut Chiaki Mukai
Turkey's first female prime minister Tansu Silar (1993)
The Queen of Denmark Margaret II
Dominica's first female prime minister Mary Eugenia Charles (1980)
Taiwan's first female president Sai Ing Wayne
Dakoriya's first female prime minister Han Myun-suk (April 2006)
South Korea's first female prime minister Chang Song
The first woman to travel a kilometer in a day to the South Pole alone Liv Arneson (Norway)
First female president of nicaragua Violeta Berrios de Camorro (1990)
First woman president of non-aligned conference Mrs. Indira Gandhi
First female prime minister of netherland Maria Liberia Peters Antilles (1998)
Queen of the Netherlands Beatrix
Norway's first female prime minister Grow Haarlem Bundland (1981)
First Muslim woman to be awarded Nobel Prize Shirin Ebadi (Iran, Region-Peace, 2003)
New Zealand's first female prime minister Jenny Shipley (1997)
First female president of panama Miria Moscoso (1999)
Pakistan's first female speaker Fahmida Mirza (March 2008)
First female prime minister of pakistan Benazir Bhutto (1988)
First Woman Wing Commander of Pakistan Shahida Parveen
Peru's first female prime minister Britridge merino
Poland's first female prime minister Hannah Suchoka (1992)
First female prime minister of finland Anneli Jatenmaki
First female president of the philippines Corogen Aquino (1986)
First female prime minister of france Edith Cresson (1991)
Bermuda's first female prime minister Pamela Garden (1997)
First female prime minister of bangladesh Baig Khaleda Zia (1991)
First female president of bolivia Lydia Gaveler Tejada (1979)
Britain's first female Poet Laureate Carol N. Duffy (Poet from Scotland, May 2009)
Britain's first queen Jane
Britain's first female head of state Queen Elizabeth II
The first woman from India to be awarded Pakistan's highest humanitarian award 'Nishan-e-Insaniyat' Neerja Mishra
World record for most runs scored in a women's cricket test match Kiran Baloch (Pakistan, 242 runs, March 2004, against West Indies)
Malta's first female prime minister Agaya Barbara (1982–87)
First woman to win Millennium Technology Prize Francis Arnold
First female president of romania Corogen Aquino (1986)
Liberia's first female president Ruth Perry (1996)
Latvia's first female president Y Vik Freiburga (1999)
Lithuania's first female prime minister Kazimieraprunskin (1990)
First female president of any country in the world elected democratically Vigdis Finvogadotir (Iceland)
The Indian woman who has the distinction of being the first woman mayor in New Zealand Sukhwinder Turner (Dunedin City)
First woman to fly the flag of India abroad Madam Cama
World's youngest first female pilot to cross the Atlantic Wikivan Meter (USA)
The world's first Nobel Laureate woman Marie Skladovka Curie
The first woman in the world to be appointed Life President of the Inter-Parliamentary Union Najma Heptulla (India)
World's first female doctor Elizabeth Blackwell (USA)
World's first female prime minister Sirimavo Bandaranaike, Sri Lanka (1960)
The world's first female boxer who won the men's women's match for the first time Margaret Mac Gregor
World's first female president Maria Isabel Peron (Argentina)
World's first female bishop Ray Marie Adelier (USA)
World's first female sarod player Sharan Rani
World's first youngest student to cross the English Channel Rupali Ramdas
World's first honored woman Queen Elizabeth of Britain
The first woman in the world who became the president of the International Badminton Federation Elected Liu Shengrong (China)
The first woman in the world to reach the North Pole on foot Christine Janin (France)
The woman who gave birth to the most children in the world Leonvina Alvina (Chile - has given birth to 55 children)
Tallest woman in the world Sandy Allen (Canadian Height 7 feet 1/4 inch)
World's first elected female president Vigdis Finnavogadotir (Iceland)
World Boxing Council's first women's boxing title Laila Ali (June 11, 2005, Prussia Boxing Muhammad Ali's daughter)
First woman president of the United Nations General Assembly in the world Mrs. Vijayalakshmi Pandit (India)
First female president of sri lanka Mrs. Chandrika Kumaratunge (1994)
First Woman Secretary of State of the United States of America Madeleine Albright
First Chinese citizen to head a UN agency Margaret Chan (World Health Organization January 2007)
The first woman in the world to be appointed as a civilian police adviser to the United Nations Kiran Bedi (India)
Woman who has lived in space for the longest duration (days) Chelena Kodakova
First woman to be awarded the Simon Bolivar Prize Aung San Soon Kyi (Myanmar)
First female president of switzerland Ruth Dryfuss (1999)
Haiti's first female prime minister Claudette Berling (1995)
Haiti's first female president Herta Prelop (1990)

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First Woman In The World FAQs:

The first woman Union Minister of India was Amrita Kaur. She was an Indian politician and the first health minister of independent India. She was a freedom fighter and social worker. She was a follower of Mahatma Gandhi and remained his secretary for 16 years.

The name of the world's first female doctor is Elizabeth Blackwell. He studied medicine in America in 1849 and was licensed in New York in 1851.

Kim Campbell is the first female Prime Minister of Canada. He took over as the Prime Minister of Canada in 1993. Kim Campbell is the first and so far the only female Prime Minister of Canada.

The first woman President of the United Nations General Assembly was Vijaya Lakshmi Pandit of India. Vijay Lakshmi Pandit was the sister of Pandit Jawaharlal Nehru, the first Prime Minister of India. Vijay Lakshmi Pandit had made an invaluable contribution to India's freedom movement.

Sirimavo Bandaranaike was the first female prime minister in the world. She became the Prime Minister of Sri Lanka in 1960 and this event makes her the first woman Prime Minister of the world. He served as Prime Minister several times after taking charge of this post.

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