Miscellaneous General Knowledge of the World: In this chapter you will read the important miscellaneous topics related to the world. In which, detail about the important topics related to the countries of the world and their national sports, first women in the world and their achievements, first men in the world and their achievements, famous newspapers and magazines of the world, famous writers of the world and their books etc.

Miscellaneous GK of World (15 LESSONS)

List of National Monuments of major Countries of the World: Know World's Major Countries National Monuments, their Places and related Countries. Did you Know statue of liberty is National Monument of United States of America?

Read about the national fruits of India and different countries of the world and the important facts related to those fruits. List of national fruits of India and the world.

List of Countries and their National Games in the World: Let us know what is the name of the national game of Australia, India, Pakistan, China, America, Nepal, Japan, Malaysia, Afghanistan and Sri Lanka?

List of National symbols of different Countries: Such as Australia's national symbol is Kangaroo and India's national symbol is Ashok Chakra, similarly this list of National Symbols of other countries of the world is given.

List of World Famous Newspapers: Know Name of World Major Countries Newspapers, their Publishers, Place of publication and Languages. Did You know The New York Times, a US-based Newspaper is founded in 1851?

World Famous News Agencies and their Countries: Know World Top 35 News Agencies List and their Headquaters with related Countries. Did you Know Reuters is World Largest News Agency.

List of First Women in the World: In this chapter you will learn about 111 famous first women in the world and their achievements. These women have made valuable contributions in various fields of the world: History, Sociology, Literature, Sports, Politics, Science, Awards and Entertainment etc.

List of the First Man in the World: Let us know about people who achieved the First achievement in different fields in the world, the First Men of the world such as: First Prime Minister of England, First person to go into space and First President of America. can know about.

Read the list of national animal / animal names of all the major countries of the world. Do you know that many countries of the world are identified on the basis of their national animals. The national animal of India is the tiger (Royal Bengal Tiger).

Famous Books and their Authors: Here you are given the list of important and famous books of the year 2015, 2016, 2017, 2018,2019,2020,2021,2022 These are the books which were published yearly and people got them in that year Ranked in the list of important and famous books.

Important information and facts about the brand ambassador. And how does a brand ambassador represent a brand by an organization or company as well as know about the list of brand ambassadors 2023.

Let us know computer general knowledge, nowadays it is necessary for every competitive exam, here important question-answers and interesting facts about computer have been given.

Interesting facts about Animals: Like the African elephant has only four teeth in its mouth. An elephant can store up to 5 liters of water in its trunk. The blood of grasshopper is white etc.

Let us know about the important full form related to the major upcoming competitive examinations of India, generally questions related to full form are asked in competitive examinations. If you are preparing for various competitive exams like: IAS, Teacher, UPSC, PCS, SSC, Bank, MBA and other government jobs.


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